WAC Magazine

  • April/May 2015

    Members make the WAC! For kids and families, so does fun! In the April/May issue of WAC Magazine, we unveil our summer programming for junior members and honor the legacy of early WAC women and families. Also, meet our first Membership All-Star and taste a world of barbecue favorites.
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  • Family Fun

    Plan a summer of play for your junior members. We’re introducing a new day camp and offering programs for kids all season long. Sign up today!
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  • Karate kids

    Remember how badly you wanted to learn karate as a kid? It’s not too late! The WAC offers family karate and judo lessons. Hear from the instructors!
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  • Relax with acupuncture

    Unwind while your ailments melt away. Whether chronic stress or persistent pain, acupuncture at the WAC Wellness Center can help.
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