Magazine Article

Cutting Edge

January 17th, 2012

By Darrick Meneken
Managing Editor, WAC Magazine

Cycling fusion

WAC Mag Cover January 2012Group Fitness Instructor Pam Leno will lead a 12-week Cycling Fusion class January 8–March 25. The program incorporates indoor rides and cross-training. It also provides online tracking. The class is geared toward cyclists who want to improve their performance during the winter offseason.

“Think life-changing workshop,” Pam says.

The comprehensive cycling curriculum makes this program perfect for new and experienced cyclists. Participants should be training for a race or other cycling event and must own a heart monitor that can measure time in five separate zones.

Cycling Fusion incorporates virtual rides and uses Skype to communicate with other classes around the country. The three-month course costs $540. For more information, contact Pam at 206.839.4781or

Mental training

Lindsey Wilson will focus on mental training for athletes in a special seminar set for 9–11 am on Saturday, February 4, in the Heritage Room. Wilson focuses on performance training that identifies and eradicates mental limits. She utilizes various techniques and exercises—including self-hypnosis and pre- and post-competition routines—to help you constantly reach your potential.

Wilson is a former professional women’s basketball player and the founder of Positive Performance Consulting.

The workshop costs $95. Register at or call Vice President Athletics Wayne Milner at 206.464.3076 for more information.


Group Fitness Instructor Jon Peterson will offer RIP-TRX training beginning this month. The training combines TRX suspension with the asymmetrical challenge of the RIP trainer. Both apparatuses target core strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. The WAC is one of the first gyms in the Northwest to offer this training program. For more information, contact Fitness Manager Megan Usui at 206.839.4785.


Nike SPARQ training with Personal Trainer Will Hicks offers athletes an opportunity to improve their footwork, stamina, agility and strength. SPARQ training is particularly popular with middle school- and high school-aged athletes. Will is a certified SPARQ trainer. He leads athletes through a series of exercises designed to enhance their on-court or on-field performance. Individual or small-group classes can be scheduled. Contact Will at 206.622.7900, ext. 3701, or

Metabolic circuit

Metabolic circuit training uses kettlebells, suspension apparatuses, hex bars and weighted hoops to focus on full-body movement. This training allows members to combine cardio-respiratory, strength, power and balance work.

Participants are constantly on the move and use effective mobility techniques between exercise sets. Metabolic circuit workouts focus on delivering maximum results in a short period of time. For more information, contact Megan Usui at 206.839.4785.