For Us, Fitness Is Never Routine

We’re more than a gym and a place to stay in tip-top shape. We believe a certain synergy exists between mind, body and spirit. When all parts engage, you reap the rewards. You get healthier.

That’s why you need every tool and resource at your disposal to synergize your fitness goals. All of our classes are supported by our roster of savvy, results-driven Personal Trainers. And five floors are filled with the most comprehensive athletic facilities available in the Northwest.

The breathtaking Helene Madison Pool on our 6th Floor is legendary. Families and triathletes alike have taken to the waters here for years. Imagine swimming under a striking, historic arbor as natural light streams through arched windows framing picture-perfect views of downtown. Fly through the water or simply practice treading water in this state-of-the-art engineering marvel.

There’s also a stable of the latest in fitness equipment technology that ensures the smoothest workout. Or, choose to participate in an assortment of continuously evolving classes that will raise energy levels as well as spirits.

Time to get moving.

Click here to download the Fall Athletic Schedule, or here to view the live schedule.

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