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Swimmers just learning to tread water and triathletes training for the next adventure all take to the waters of our Helene Madison Pool where Olympic legends have been born. If that’s not enough inspiration, you’ll be lured by an architecturally stunning exterior that follows your every stroke. Underwater and unbeknownst to you, the water circulates with technological precision.


The WAC aquatic staff offers lessons designed to suit anyone’s needs, regardless of ability. Whether you cross-train or learn to swim, the pool offers something for everyone.


  • Joints in Motion »
    Water creates resistance, which increases strength and heart rate. Joints in Motion moves participants through gentle range-of-motion, joint-mobility and flexibility exercises.
  • Deep Water Fitness »
    Using fitness disciplines, this class offers a safe and challenging water-based workout that includes cardio conditioning and body toning.
  • Aqua Boot Camp »
    A high intensity, low impact workout for athletes and non-athletes alike who want a tough workout without the aggravating knee, hip and other injury-prone joints.
  • Get Fit Water Exercise »
    A low-impact, fun and invigorating workout. Make new friends and stay in shape using the water’s non-weight-bearing quality.
  • Juniors Swim Classes »

Swim Teams


WAC kids have a host of activities that are sure to get them moving and motivated. We feel that sports and recreation are an essential part of a child’s development. Opening minds, inspiring creative thinking and decision-making, and building team spirit go hand-in-hand with just letting kids be kids and have fun. We’ve helped so many children (adults, too!) learn to swim with group and private lessons through the Red Cross. And we’ve given so many children lots to smile about, throwing countless birthday parties in our Pool. It’s a lot for WAC families to get excited about.

Follow along in the path of generations of WAC families who learned to swim in the Helene Madison Pool. Swimming is a sport your son and daughter can use all of their lives. Breathe easy knowing your children are in the safest and most capable hands with our Aquatics Team.

American Red Cross Swim Lessons

  • 206.464.3086
  • $60 first child per session
  • $40 second child per session in same activity
  • Ages 17 and under
  • Lesson space is limited. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Spring I: March 8 – April 19

Level Descriptions

Tiny Tots (ages 6 months to 3 years)

  • Tiny Tots A (ages 6–20 months): Infants learn water-adjustment techniques and basic water skills. Each child must be accompanied by at least one adult in class.
  • Tiny Tots B (ages 21–36 months): Toddlers learn water adjustment, water skills and introduction to swimming. Each child must be accompanied by at least one adult in class.

Preschool (ages 3–5)

  • Guppy: Minimum age 3. Beginner level. Parents are not in water with participants.
  • Jellyfish: High comfort level in the water. Able to submerge head and blow bubbles. Able to float on back with assistance.
  • Sea Turtle: Able to swim 5 feet on front and back independently. Able to submerge head for 3 seconds while blowing bubbles.
  • Starfish: Able to swim pool width on front and back independently; comfortable with face in the water.

School Age (ages 6 and up)

  • Level 1: Beginner level.
  • Level 2: Able to swim 5 feet on front and back independently. High comfort level in water; able to submerge head for 3 seconds while blowing bubbles.
  • Level 3: Able to swim pool width on front and back independently; comfortable with face in the water.
  • Level 4: Able to swim two widths each front and back crawl; perform kneeling dive; tread water.
  • Level 5: Able to swim one length each front and back crawl in good form, tread water for two minutes and perform a standing dive, deep water bobbing, the scissors kick and the whip kick.
  • Level 6/7: Able to swim two lengths each front and back crawl; one length each breaststroke and sidestroke; one length dolphin kick; open turns on front and back.
  • Foundations Approaching Swim Team: Focused on building endurance, refining the four primary strokes and introducing starts and turns.

Class Length

Tiny Tots, preschool classes, levels 1–3 and private lessons are 30 minutes long. Levels 4–7 are 40 minutes long. Foundations Approaching Swim Team is 60 minutes long.

Children must be on a family membership to participate in any WAC Junior Classes.


This class is for adults who have limited experience in the water. Skills covered include:

  • Comfort and confidence in shallow and deep water
  • Movement of the front and back crawl
  • Introduction to breaststroke and butterfly
  • Gaining endurance to swim laps

Future Sessions:

    May 5 – June 2

    July 7 – July 28

    September 8 – September 29

    October 27 – November 17

    • Mondays 1:30–2:30pm
    • $60 for four-week session

This class is for adults who are able to swim laps and have a basic knowledge of all four primary strokes. This is a great precursor to joining the WAC Masters Swim Team. Attention will be dedicated to:

  • Refining stroke technique
  • Breath control
  • Starts and turns
  • Endurance work
  • Improving triathlon training

Future Sessions:

    May 7 – June 4

    July 9 – July 30

    September 10 – October 1

    October 29 – November 19

    • Wednesdays 2:30–3:30pm
    • $60 for four-week session

6th Floor pool
Call 206.464.3086 to register

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