Court Sports

Team Play

Seen the host of trophies and awards around the Club? We’ve spiked, hit, served and slammed our way to victory again and again. But, there’s much more to joining a team than the accolades. We look at playing on a team sort of like recess for adults. It’s our time to have fun, catch up with our friends and get in a little activity while we’re at it.


If it’s graceful birdie flights, catlike reactions and perfect trajectory over the net you want, badminton’s your game.

Basketball League

Check out the in-house men’s and women’s leagues September–March. Interested players should contact Darin Barr at 206.464.3074 or

Basketball Lessons»

Sign up to work on your game one-on-one, with a partner or with a group.


Handball & Raquetball – six courts are available for reservation.

International Court Soccer

Check out this game which plays on a racquetball or squash court using a specifically designed ball.


Handball & Raquetball – six courts are available for reservation.

Squash and Squash Lessons»

Two international size courts are available for reservations. Give your squash skills a boost with individual lessons.

Table Tennis

Join in the open recreational setting and bring back memories!

Tennis Lessons »

Enhance your game with lessons Court.


Hit, bump and spike once a week during open play.

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