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Foam rollers help provide soft-tissue therapy and myofascial release, relieving pain, preventing injury and increasing sports performance. Here are some sample exercises demonstrated by WAC Personal Trainer, Sara Moser.
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For the iliotibial band (I.T. band)
Fitness Tip with Sara MoserLie down with outer thigh directly on the foam roller and use elbow for support. Keep right leg straight and place left foot in front of right knee to help support body-weight. Use upper body and foot to help ease pressure if needed.

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Fitness Tip with Sara MoserFor more intense pressure, stack legs. Repeat on other side.

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For the upper back
Fitness Tip with Sara MoserLie on foam roller and cross arms on chest. Lift hips off floor and roll upper back from shoulders to bottom of rib cage 10 times. (Note: Do not roll neck!)

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For the gluteal muscles
Fitness Tip with Sara MoserSit on foam roller and cross right ankle over left knee, place right hand behind roller and lean into right glute. While applying pressure, roll approximately 10 times back and forth. Repeat for left glute. If the pressure is too intense, lean to the side without crossing ankle over knee.

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For the hip abductors
Fitness Tip with Sara MoserSame as for I.T. band but place hips directly on foam roller rather than outer thighs. Roll back and forth on outside of both hips 10 times.

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