Group Classes

Your workout evolves as you do. One day you want to practice your breathing and meditate after a stressful day, so you take Yoga. Another, you have a need for speed, and hit the cycles. Maybe your friend raves about her amazing Zumba class, so you sign up. That’s how it goes around here. We keep throwing fresh group and private classes at you so you stay on your toes. Full list of class schedules »

Class Descriptions

  • Aqua Boot Camp »
    A high-intensity, low-to no-impact workout for athletes and non-athletes alike who want a tough water workout without aggravating knees, hips and other injury-prone joints.
  • Bam Cycle »
    Power cycle and strength exercise intervals. Maximize your time and workout.
  • Barre »
    A lively fusion of ballet conditioning, Pilates and yoga.
  • Blitz »
    Short on time but big on results. These high-efficiency workouts will keep your routine fresh and on target. Instructors will focus 25 minutes on one of our many formats (e.g., strength, plyo, cardio, core, suspension). Try one or stack two classes together.
  • Boot Camp »
    Intermediate/advanced strength and conditioning.
  • Boxing Conditioning »
    Train like the pros without the black eye. Class includes work with heavy bags and focus mitts as well as light sparring and jump rope exercise. Gloves available or bring your own.
  • Cardio Express »
    A 30-minute shallow-water workout designed to get you moving with low impact to joints. Great for cross-training. No swimming experience required.
  • Cy-TRX® »
    Back-to-back intervals of cycling and TRX.
  • Dance Cardio »
    A mix of hip-hop, Latin, and funk to challenge your cardio endurance.
  • Deep Water Aerobics »
    Using fitness disciplines, this class offers a safe and challenging water-based workout that includes cardio conditioning, body toning, and exhilaration in deep water.
  • Endurance Cycle »
    A 60-minute cycle class that incorporates measuring RPMs and wattage to build endurance and burn calories.
  • Cycle & Core »
    A 45-minute cycle class to get your heart pumping and calories burned, followed by a core workout.
  • Groove Cycle »
    Music-driven calorie burn!
  • Judo »
    Steeped in the tradition of discipline and respect, this martial art emphasizes throws and grappling techniques.
  • Kalorie Killer »
    A nonstop step aerobics and muscular endurance class.
  • Pilates Mat »
    Strengthen your abdominals, gluteals, and lower back muscles as you lengthen and improve alignment, coordination and balance.
  • Pilates Flo »
    Pilates-inspired movements designed to build core strength and increase flexibility.
  • Power Barre »
    Raise your barre intensity. Focused body-sculpting exercises incorporating conditioning, weights, fit-balls, and resistance bands.
  • Power Yoga »
    A more vigorous movement-based yoga class.
  • Restorative Yoga »
    Supplement your regular yoga practice with this gentler and slower paced style of yoga. Props assist therapeutic poses.
  • Rip-Flex-TRX »
    Challenge your strength, core stability, and balance from all angles with TRX, RIP Trainer and free-weights.
  • Sculpt Circuit »
    A highly efficient workout utilizing a variety of fitness tools in a circuit-style format to elevate the heart rate and burn more calories.
  • Step & Sculpt »
    Alternates step and resistance training.
  • Total Body Conditioning »
    A music-driven, fast-paced strength and cardio workout.
  • TRX® »
    Suspension training system uses body-weight and manipulates gravity to improve muscular strength and endurance.
  • Yoga »
    Improve strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Yoga (Beg/Int) »
    Learn the basics of breathing, bending and blending mind and body through yoga. Modified for different levels.
  • Yoga Shala »
    Longer-held poses designed to strengtlen, lengthen and align the body.
  • Zumba »
    The joy of movement inspired by Latin rhythms, hip-hop and funk keeps you moving through the hour.
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