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September 2014

The Washington Athletic Club serves as a hub for members who make their livings in the pursuit of creative excellence—people like writer Timothy Egan, singer Courtney Fortune, and artist Judith Kindler. Also, discover the distilled treasure of mezcal, mix up … Continue reading »

Don’t let your routine fall back

The opportunities for outdoor fitness may dwindle as summer winds down, but that doesn’t mean your routine has to be uninspiring. Mix up your indoor workouts—including with #WACFitness, our fall challenge.

Neighbors come together at the WAC

Find out how two families who live next door to each other on Capitol Hill each became engaged, enthusiastic WAC members in this month’s Member to Member.

The WAC’s finest

Three cheers to our newest batch of Team Members of the Month. These are the people who’ve been recognized by their peers in the last quarter for helping make the Club the amazing place it is.

Artists among us

Author Timothy Egan, jazz singer Courtney Fortune, and visual artist Judith Kindler are all active members of the Washington Athletic Club. They also happen to be widely renowned for their work.

Savor the taste of a Mexican favorite

Have you tried mezcal, the smoky distilled liquor made from the same plant as tequila? For National Hispanic Heritage Month, members will get to experience mezcal at a special tasting event.

Sit up and get up

Most of us spend more than half of our days sitting down. Incorporating more movement into your workday—even in the smallest of ways—can make a world of difference.

August 2014

It has been a great year at the WAC! Check out the many highlights from this past fiscal year, and see what’s in store for next year. Get to know new Chairman Kip Spencer and meet the other new member … Continue reading »

Kip Spencer takes the helm

The WAC heads into the 2014-2015 year with new chairman Kip Spencer at the helm. Kip brings downtown expertise and a love for the outdoors to the WAC’s top position.

2013-2014 in review!

The WAC’s leaders reflect on a strong year and lay out plans for more exciting changes in the coming year. Don’t miss the awesome timeline of highlights.