Club Events

Club Events

Anyone Can Turn up the Music and Call It a Party.
Our Hearts Beat Louder Than the Music.

Club Programs breathes life into every day in ordinary and extraordinary ways, large and small. Today, as the world moves so fast, having fun, learning something new and finding face time with friends has never been so important. Where else in the Puget Sound can you go for a swim, meet friends for dinner and learn the art of Bonzai without ever leaving the building?

You might be surprised to learn just how many events the Club Programs staff and volunteers create. Hundreds—300 last year alone. Our team has an arsenal of never-ending ideas, and we’re committed to turning these ideas into outstanding and unforgettable events.

But what makes Club Events even more rewarding is when our members get involved. A variety of endeavors allow for rewarding collaboration and room for creativity. We’re always recruiting new committee volunteers who have an interest in making a personal impact on the Club. Our volunteers want to make an event come to life—and light up someone’s life. It’s our members’ sincere involvement and interest that really sets the WAC apart.

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Club Events

9th Floor


Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm