Get Fit

Get Fit Yoga
Studio B (4th Floor) LEVEL 1 - 2
A gentle yoga class with emphasis on lengthening muscles, breathing, and relaxation.
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Get Fit Total Body
Studio B (4th Floor) Instructors: Jon / George
Get Fit classes are designed for adults seeking more modifications for a safe and effective fitness routine.
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Get Fit Water Aerobics
Helene Madison Pool (6th Floor)
A low-impact, fun, and invigorating workout. Make new friends and stay in shape using the water’s weight-bearing quality. Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 11-11:45…
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Get Fit Barre
Studio B (4th Floor) Instructor: George
Tone and extend your body using our customized Barre for balance and stability.
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Exercise for active aging
Meisnest Room Complimentary
Baby boomers are the largest demographic in the country and want their later years to be filled with family, fun…
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Studio C (4th Floor) Instructor: Cris
Start with a proper bike fit and learn to ride for cardio endurance.  Beginner friendly and fun! …
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Get Fit TRX
Studio B (4th Floor) Instructor: Jon
Warm up to TRX in this beginners' class designed to strengthen your postural muscles. GET FIT!…
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Turkey Burn
Studio B (4th Floor) Complimentary for members and their guests
Thanksgiving Day fitness classes Burn calories before the big meal Join your favorite instructors on Thanksgiving morning for an intense…
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More ways to keep moving

Ready to go a bit harder? Check out more of our fitness classes, learn about our sports offerings, and take yourself to the next level—at a pace just right for you. What will you discover?