Pilates & Barre

Studio B (4th Floor) Instructors: Lauren / Paul
Use the Barre to defy gravity as you sculpt, tone and lift! A lively fusion of conditioning, Pilates and yoga.
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Power Barre
Studio B (4th Floor) Instructors: George / Dawn / Danielle
Raise your barre intensity. Focused body-sculpting exercises incorporating conditioning, weights, fit balls, and resistance bands.
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Pilates Flo
Studio C (4th Floor) LEVEL 1 - 2
Pilates-inspired movements designed to build core strength and increase flexibility. Those new to Pilates or want to add on to…
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Studio B (4th Floor) ALL LEVELS
Core strength and abdominal work with TRX® SUSPENSION TRAINING™.   Add this class to your Pilates and Barre fitness programs! New…
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Pilates Mat
Studio B (4th Floor) Instructors: Lauren / Danielle / Scott / Emily
Floor exercises strengthen and stabilize your powerhouse—abs, glutes and lower back. FA members receive 1 complimentary Power Tower session!…
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More ways to keep moving

Enjoy private pilates or yoga training sessions by appointment.

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