Strength + Intensity

Studio C (4th Floor) Instructors: Jon / Alice / Linda / George
A high-efficiency workout to keep your routine fresh and on target.
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Functional Training Room A (8th Floor) FREE MONTH FOR NEW MEMBERS AND FA MEMBERS
Give us 45 minutes! Advanced strength, agility, and conditioning. This high-intensity small group training delivers results fast!…
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Studio B (4th Floor) ALL LEVELS
Core strength and abdominal work with TRX® SUSPENSION TRAINING™.   Add this class to your Pilates and Barre fitness programs! New…
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Beat Box
Studio C (4th Floor) Instructors: Mario / Adan
Train like a boxing pro with our elite coaches. Boxing gloves available or bring your own.
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Studio C (4th Floor) ALL LEVELS
Challenge your strength, core stability and balance from all angles with TRX, RIP Trainer and free-weights.
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Total Body
Studio C (4th Floor) ALL LEVELS
A music-driven, fast-paced strength and cardio workout. Progressive exercises and high-intensity interval training options for all fitness levels.
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Xcelerate: Snow Flurry
Functional Training Room A (8th Floor) Complimentary For Members
Prepare to hit the slopes with the help of our awesome fitness instructors!…
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Studio C (4th Floor) Instructor: Debbie
For our fitness elites! HIIT, Bootcamp, and stair climb. …
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Kettle Blast
Functional Training Room A (8th Floor) Instructor: Linda / Andy
Use kettlebells and body-weight exercises to build strength, boost your cardio, and fire up your metabolism. It’s time to put…
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Studio B (4th Floor) All LEVELS
A highly efficient workout utilizing a variety of fitness tools and TRX® SUSPENSION TRAINING™ in a circuit format. …
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Boot Camp
Studio C (4th Floor) Instructors: Debbie / Linda / Emily
Intermediate and advanced strength and conditioning. This is a WAC Wall Street closing bell favorite!…
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More ways to keep moving

If fast and powerful is your preference, you’ll find plenty. We offer more than 100 fitness classes every week, plus sports, aquatics, and much more. What will you discover?