Junior Programs & The WAC Swim School

Basketball Coaching
Former Husky and professional basketball player Donald Watts will improve anyone's game.
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Family Judo
This martial art emphasizes throws and grappling techniques. It teaches traditions, discipline, respect, and mental training.
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Group Swim Lessons
Our aquatics team offers personalized swim lessons for every age and skill level.
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Junior Fit
Functional Training Room A (8th Floor)
Designed for ages 10–14, this high-energy fitness session is packed with fun while teaching the benefits of exercise.
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Juniors Swim Team
Kids ages 4 and up can join the WAC Juniors Swim Team. They'll improve their skills and develop strong relationships.
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Private Swim Lessons
Develop comfort in the water or refine your stroke with a lesson created to meet your individual needs.
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Rule the school

Take your game to a new level. Find out about our sports coaching and uncover your inner champion. Are you up for the challenge?

Sports Soccer
Sports Basketball