Nutrition & Body Composition

Body Blueprint
Measure your weight, fat mass, lean body mass, body fat percentage, intracellular water, extracellular water, and total body water.
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Cholesterol Management
Lower your cholesterol. Includes a nutritional evaluation, food and snack ideas, a grocery list, and coaching for three sessions.
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Meal Planning
Establish healthy staples in your diet with a customized meal and snack plan.
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Mediator Response Test
Using a non-fasting blood test, MRT results quantify your body’s unique inflammatory responses to 140 foods and 30 food-chemicals.
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Nutritional Counseling
Reach your weight goals and achieve your best health with nutritional counseling. We can help you look and feel great.
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Shopping for Good Health
Meet at a natural foods store and learn what foods can fit into a busy lifestyle.
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Weight-Loss Coaching
Weight-Loss Coaching is a nutritional counseling program that helps you create a strategic plan that fits your metabolism.
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More ways to rejuvenate & relax

Our Wellness Center and Spa work together to provide you the ultimate in well-being. Discover more about our Wellness Center offerings, or let us pamper your hair and nails after your next massage. The 4th Floor of the WAC has everything you need to look and feel better than ever—including our Coed Fitness Center.