Therapeutic Massage

Our Ashi-certified therapists use their feet to apply slow, deep-flowing movements to your muscles. Experience intense relaxation.
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Athletic Recovery Massage
Enhance athletic performance with a combination of deep tissue, sports massage, and stretching.
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CBD Add-On
Add some extra relaxation to your massage with CBD products from Mendi Enjoy the benefits of anxiety and stress relief,…
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Cupping Therapy Massage
Cupping therapy gently pulls on your muscles to stimulate circulation and drain excess fluids and toxins.
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Deep Tissue Massage
If you need relief from chronic tension or are involved in sports, this massage will release tightness and increase well-being.
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More ways to relax & rejuvenate

Our Spa and Wellness Center work together to provide you the ultimate in relaxation and recovery. Discover more about our Wellness Center offerings, or let us pamper your hair and nails after your massage. The 4th Floor of the WAC has everything you need to look and feel great.