Topic Areas

Community, Common Good, & Communication
Discover the art of conversation and the importance of community.
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Corporate Wellness
Learn how to implement effective wellness programs and strategies in the workplace to keep your employees healthy.
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Energy Work
Master unique tools to center your mind, increase focus, reduce stress, and increase awareness.
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Add years to your life—and life to your years.
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Lifestyle/Quality of Life/Transitions
Whether it’s trouble at work or at home, everyone experiences occasional roadblocks. Learn to transform problems into solutions.
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Mind Body Fitness
Reduce stress and improve your physical health with mindful living, meditation, and concepts from psychology and physiology.
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Struggling with making healthy choices at work or at home? Work with experts to create your perfect dietary plan.
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Performance Training
Approach your training with a focus on mental skills that will enhance your physical performance.
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Personal Development
Set yourself up for success by learning how to simplify your life and establish a mindset geared toward leadership.
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Productivity and Innovation
Businesses need a combination of innovation and caring to prevent employees from burning out.
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Professional Development
Learn what it takes to become a true leader. Learn about a number of tools that can enliven your employees.
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Master the art of a good night’s sleep and discover how eight hours can improve your health and mentality.
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Stress can cause a variety of health problems. Combat these effects with mindful strategies and tools.
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More ways to rejuvenate & relax

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