Class Descriptions

Find the class level that’s right for your child

Group swim lessons resume October 2. For information and to register, email Darin Barr at

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Parent-Tot (Ages 1–2)

  • Parent in water.
  • Skills: Instructor leads in songs, games, and basic swim skills.

Level 1 (must be 3 years old)

  • Beginner. Swimmers will get more comfortable in the water.
  • Skills: Bubbles, head bobs, back float with support, front float with support, arm circles and kicks (front & back) with support.

Level 2

  • For children who can comfortably float on their own.
  • Skills: Jump in from side, exit water from side, retrieve object from bottom of pool with support, unsupported front float, unsupported back float, front glide (5 feet), back glide (5 feet), freestyle (10 feet), backstroke (5 feet).

Level 3

  • For children who can swim basic freestyle and backstroke.
  • Skills: Jump in and swim back to the wall and exit water, sitting/kneeling dives, retrieve diving ring without support, tread water (30 seconds), backstroke (15 feet), butterfly kick (15 feet), breaststroke kick (15 feet), freestyle (15 feet), side breathing with freestyle.

Level 4

  • For kids who have mastered freestyle and backstroke.
  • Skills: Kneeling dives, treading water (1 minute), breaststroke (25 yards), backstroke (25 yards), freestyle (25 yards), butterfly (15 yards), effective side breathing (25 yards).

Level 5

  • Becoming a pro.
  • Skills: Standing dive, dive into streamline and begin stroke (breakout), flip turns, treading water (2 minutes), freestyle (50 yards), backstroke (50 yards), butterfly (25 yards), breaststroke (25 yards), individual medley (100 yards).

Swim team

More advanced swimmers may also join the WAC Waves swim team. Click here for more information.

Private swim lessons also available. Click here for more information.