Community, Common Good, & Communication

Convivial Conversation

Speaker: Cecile Andrews

Conversation—that ancient art that brings us enjoyment, laughter, friendships, and intellectual stimulation—is on the endangered species list. Too often our interactions with others are rushed, insensitive, competitive, hostile, or just non-existent. In this workshop we discover how to engage in conversations of increased depth and vitality, explore how to better manage awkward social situations; learn how to deal with difficult interactions of disagreement, criticism, hostility, and saying no; and explore how we can create more friendship and vibrant community in our lives.

Creating Community: The gifts you give and receive

Speaker: Cecile Andrews

A basic human need is the experience of community—feeling valued, accepted, cared for, and recognized as your true self. Without joyful, exuberant conversation we feel isolated and depressed and pursue the empty paths of shopping and watching television. When you learn to care for those around you, you start to care for all of life.

Secrets to Extraordinary Customer Service

Speaker: Danna Beal

Customer service has never been more important for today’s businesses. However, long lasting and extraordinary customer service starts with relationships of respect and honor within the workplace, before it can be extended to customers. Learn the keys to creating a customer focused environment that lasts.

The Foundation of Communication

Speaker: Angelia Brigance

How well do people hear you? Learn the types of communication and when and how to use them. Learn about listening and silence as forms of communication. How do paradigms affect communication?

Difficult Conversations De-fused.

Speaker: Posy Gering

As a leader you often have to initiate uncomfortable conversations. Here are some tools that will help you get started and get better results.

Be a better communicator: Start listening

Speaker: Posy Gering

Perhaps it sounds counter-intuitive, but the best way to be a better communicator is to listen more. Get tools and practice to uncover the impact for yourself.

Better conversations

Speaker: Posy Gering

Get started with invigorating tools that can change conversations with new ideas, better collaborations, and a willingness to take risks.

East v. West

Speaker: Mary Mitchell

Have you ever wondered how different life and work are in Manhattan and other East coast cities? Learn about the cultural differences on both coasts, and the etiquette required to succeed. East coast transplant Mary Mitchell will share her journey with you through anecdotes, cartoons, common sense, and compassion.