Corporate Wellness

Workplace Ergonomics

Speaker: Stuart Eivers

This presentation provides an illuminating review of typical stressors in the work place that lead to injury. Followed by the ABC’s of workplace modifications and prevention program design.


Speaker: Stuart Eivers

Stuart Eivers discusses the financial impact of wellness programs on the workplace, and explores successful program design and implementation case studies.

Worksite and Personal Wellness: Relaxed Body, Focused Mind Tactics

Speaker: Julia Freimund

This session features techniques drawn from all five of the Mindful Anti-Stress Tactics classes.  Participants learn quick effective techniques to help thwart the many negative ways chronic stress harms the body and impacts the mind’s ability to live in a state of creative, calm focus.

Team Building

Speaker: Mike Margolies

This workshop uses games, exercises and competition to build cohesion in teams.

So You Want to be GM of the Year?

Speaker: Mike Margolies

Learn about team building from the world of sports.

Worksite Wellness on a Zero Budget: Promoting Employee Wellness on a Shoestring Budget

Speaker: Robert Sweetgall

While some companies are throwing $100 to $200 Fitbits at their employees, many more conservative and lower-budgeted organizations seek smarter, sustainable, more comprehensive lower-cost solutions to health enhancement. This practical workshop offers proven alternative programs, most of which do not cost a penny!


Speaker: Dan Weedin

Create a strategic and intentional game plan for your career and your life and always be seeking and achieving “MORE” for you, your company, and your family. This plan is customizable in order to help employees, resulting in a more effective, efficient, and significant organization.

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