Danna Beal, M.Ed.

Danna Beal, M.Ed., business consultant and international speaker, has been conducting her groundbreaking workshops and speaking engagements on “Leading with Trust and Compassion,” “Healing the Workplace Culture” and “The Compassionate Workplace” to leaders and employees in a wide variety of industries.

Danna has been a workplace consultant and trainer for more than 20 years. Her clients have included hospitals, medical clinics, financial institutions, legal and accounting firms, government agencies, non-profits and retail. She has been on 50 radio and TV talk shows discussing the No. 1 issue confronting business leaders today: how to attract, engage and motivate their employees to reach the vision and strategic goals of the leaders.

Danna has spoken to more than 300 business groups throughout the United States and Canada. She spoke at The International Alliance of Women’s Global Conference in Washington, D.C., with other speakers, such as Hillary Rodham Clinton and Dr. Riane Eisler. Samples of other engagements include: Washington CEO “Best Companies to Work For” Annual Award Ceremony–Seattle; The Conference Board–New York; American Chamber of Commerce Executive Association–Denver, CO; Business Retention I Expansion International–Halifax, Nova Scotia; Region X Health Care Financial Managers Association–Las Vegas.