David Shoup

Considered by many to be the love child of Jim Carrey & Tony Robbins, David infuses his presentations with a very unique blend of comedic genius and professional motivation.

His clients have routinely praised his teaching style as original, dynamic, genuine and funny.

This combination has served David from his days as a college student selling books door-to-door, to his time as a stand-up comedian & actor in New York, to the 6 months he spent as Morale, Welfare and Recreation Coordinator for the US Troops in Iraq. In each and every instance he has approached as his endeavors with a passion and joy that was infectious.

A born entertainer, David has the ability to turn even the most discerning individuals into raving fans. His genuine and passionate approach to life and relationships allows him to connect with clients and friends in powerful ways. He has broken many companies most coveted and respected records. David would admit he is not the best salesperson, but that his success derives from his belief that the relationships you cultivate are the most important part of the sales process.

He strives to live his life by the motto shared by one of his mentors, Zig Ziglar:
“You can have everything you want out of life if you help enough other people get what they want. ”

As an actor, David Shoup has played everything from Captain Hook to the Sheriff of Nottingham. But his role as a Speaker with Freedom Personal Development is his most rewarding. David’s programs—infused with humor, enthusiasm, and motivation—inspire others to maximize their potential and achieve their goals.

David has traveled the world as a first class motivator. His experience includes working with the U.S. troops in Iraq as the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Coordinator. There he created and oversaw numerous programs designed to boost the troops’ spirits.

Although he may not possess superpowers, you can still call David a superhero. His face is the model on which several comic book characters are based, such as Superman and Bruce Wayne.

If comic books aren’t your thing, catch David Shoup on reruns of One Life to Live and All My Children. He made his mark with bit parts, playing everything from a crime scene investigator to a chauffeur.