Energy Work

Energize, Focus, Innovate Breakout Session

Speaker: Julia Freimund

Julia will lead your group through a series of techniques in just 10–15 minutes that are designed to center the mind, increase focus, and reduce stress. No sweating, lying on the ground or special equipment needed.

Energizing: The Energy Health Key

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

This skill set activates the brain to produce vibrant awareness, increased biological energy, strengthened adrenal glands and healthier lungs. People learn unique tools from multicultural wisdom traditions with recent scientific research from bio-physics and telecommunications technology.

Energy Health: The Key to Feeling Really Good

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Abundant, positive life force is a priceless treasure. Healthier ways to energize have valuable benefits, and don’t damage adrenal glands with caffeine and sugar rushes. Recharge your vital life force & boost immune strength. Uplift personal moods & enjoy feeling good inside without life being perfect.

Energy Field Strength: Chinese Qigong Keys to Protect, Cleanse & Vitalize Your Bio-Energetic field

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Missing from Western medicine are practical tools to prevent illness and strengthen the immune system energetically. Gain a fascinating science-based understanding of biological energy and its importance for immune strength. Cleanse your energy field of illnesses before they can develop. Recharge your body with nourishing “earth energy”.

Brain Energy: Qigong Key to Energize Your Mind

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

You can turn on your brain with life energy (qi) and feel the benefits of mental vitality, increased clarity and improved perception. Energize and enliven your brain, develop your focus and acctivate and enhance your perceptual awareness. Science may eventually prove this rare knowledge to be as valuable as its 5,000 year old Chinese tradition states.

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