External Shoulder Rotation with Cable

Your shoulders experience daily strain from a number of activities. Everything from how you text to how you carry groceries can cause joint pain. Add exercises to your routine that focus on the external rotation of the shoulder joint to relieve irritation. WAC personal trainer Misa Rohan demonstrates one such exercise.

Exercise of the Month

Adjust a resistance cable to elbow-height and stand with your right side to the cable. Grab the handle with your left hand and keep your elbow pressed to your side.

Exercise of the Month

Maintain contact between your elbow and torso, with your arm extended forward at a 90-degree angle, and rotate your arm in a backhand motion.

Exercise of the Month

Return arm to position one and repeat. Switch sides after 3–4 reps.

As published in the March/April 2018 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted March 21, 2018