Creating an Elder Culture

Speaker: Cecile Andrews

Seniors get discounts, but Elders get respect. How do we become elders in this new experience of aging? We need to participate in the pursuit of wisdom and making a difference. Let’s explore how to build a culture of caring, connectedness, and community as well as create lives of interdependence and collaboration.

Daily life with Dementia

Speaker: Angelia Brigance

What is dementia? In this talk I review the types of dementia, what to expect, and how to manage the future. We spend time learning how to communicate with the person as dementia progresses and communications skills decline. Real life examples and discussion about what participants are experiencing.

How has advertising changed prescription drug use?

Speaker: Angelia Brigance

In the early 1980′s, a smart drug company fought to take prescription drugs to the end user—me and you. Discover how that changed the industry and our health.

Conversations within Dementia

Speaker: Angelia Brigance

Understand what it is like to have dementia. Learn the four paths of communication within dementia that explain behaviors and beliefs, help with anxious and repetitive questions and requests, and how to bring back memories. This talk gives you practical ways to create conversations and understanding.

Belly Biome: Understand your belly bacteria and how they can get you feeling fantastic from the inside-out

Speaker: Eric Chen

Did you know your body contains over a trillion bacteria that are unique to you? Learn how nutrition can create a healthy synergistic relationship with your gut microbiota to maximize nutrient absorption, strengthen the immune system, and minimize digestive problems.

Superheroes of the Grocery Store: Identify superfoods and understand how they can save your life

Speaker: Eric Chen

Learn which powerhouse food groups contain the most antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals and how they can dramatically reduce the risk of chronic disease. Find out how to incorporate these superfoods to be part of your daily routine to improve health and thrive.

Healthy Aging: How to promote vitality and longevity

Speaker: Paul Dompé

Learn what the happiest and longest-living people on Earth are doing to thrive and why it works. Dr. Dompé will explore key concepts in nutrition, physiology, and psychology that promote health and wellness, and prevent disease.

Back and Neck Pain

Speaker: Stuart Eivers

This presentation discusses the natural progression of untreated back and neck pain in the workplace and in the home, as well as its effects economically and occupationally. The benefits of early intervention and prevention will also be addressed.

Repetitive Strain Syndrome

Speaker: Stuart Eivers

This presentation reviews the pathophysiology of RSI and its causes. Treatment options and prevention including exercise, manual therapy, ergonomics and nutrition will be discussed.

Relaxed Readiness: The Mobility Key for Healthy Skeletal Muscles & Flexibility

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Relaxed muscles help nutrient-rich blood and oxygen fuel the brain and nourish internal organs. Relaxation greatly improves reaction time. Tense, contracted muscles can block circulation and weaken concentration, causing tension headaches and discomfort. Learn how to quickly dissolve muscle tension and relieve tension headaches. Discover your muscle release levers for nine major muscle group and enjoy freedom from tension

Healthy Joints, Agile Mind: Keys to Be Flexible & Keep Moving

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Often overlooked in Western fitness are tools to help loosen and strengthen your joints—the supportive tissue that connect bones and muscles. Easy and quick to do, these circular motions are used traditionally as warm-up for Chinese martial arts. Remedy the immobilizing effects of sitting through long work days, gain greater mental agility, healthier circulation and improved neurological function. Different from stretching, these movements are especially beneficial before exercising of any kind. You will feel refreshed immediately!

Healthy Lungs, Vibrant Mind: The Longevity Key for Oxygen Bio-Fuel

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Oxygen is your body’s main fuel. By breathing increased oxygen into your lungs with this tool, you can dramatically increase your sense of mental aliveness, alertness & awareness. Use oxygen to wake more “up” each morning, charge your brain with oxygen for the day, and gain the health benefits of increasing the functioning surface area of your lungs.

Motivation to Move: Five Great Physical Activities for Improving Fitness, Heart Health, Body Composition, Blood Pressure & Blood Sugars; Core-Strength, Balance, Energy & Longevity

Speaker: Robert Sweetgall

When it comes to body conditioning, fitness and health, all physical activites are not the same. Learn the specific exercises that are best for weight loss, stress reduction, cardio-endurance, bone & muscle strength, mental function, diabetes risk reduction and longevity. Finally learn how to design a cross-training program to give you multiple benefits in all of these fitness areas.

The Brain Workout Workshop : The Best Strategies for Keeping Your Brain in Shape

Speaker: Robert Sweetgall

With the aging of our general population, more and more people are becoming concerned about their brain function. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on brain supplements, try spending extra minutes each day improving your brain’s capillary and neurotransmitter health through brain-game exercises, smart brain nutrition, and rest-and-relaxation techniques. Learn the best physical activities for improving creativity, memory and analytical function. This practical workshop provides a variety of lifestyle tips, games and activities to keep you fit, both below and above the brain barrier.