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Lifestyle changes for Seniors

Speaker: Angelia Brigance

As soon as a senior’s independence is challenged you enter into a new world filled with unknown acronyms and the urgent need for decisions. This talk will walk you through the maze of choices and costs associated with each option. From home care to nursing homes, durable medical equipment, and what to expect during and after a hospitalization, this talk will help you understand the language and know what questions to ask to get the best care for those you love.

“Fine”, “We’re fine”, “Everything is just fine”

Speaker: Angelia Brigance

Heard that before? After 20 years in the senior industry and growing up in an intergenerational family, those words echo in my ears. I heard my grandparents say it to my mother and my mother has said it to me. How do you know when to step over the threshold and be proactive in your parents care? Where do you start? What are the signs? How do you get past “fine”? Come and learn how to get past polite and into the reality of aging.

Life Shift: Moving beyond Success to a life of Significance

Speaker: Michael Lindfield

There appears to be a natural evolution in the careers of many highly accomplished individuals that causes them to shift their reference point from success to significance with a realization that as they grow older, it’s more important to feed the soul than the ego and more rewarding to serve others than just oneself.

I sincerely believe that we each wish to know that our lives count for something and that we are contributing to and serving something larger than ourselves. This basic need for meaning and belonging is a powerful driver within the human psyche. It takes courage and clarity to stop and question the many individual and collective beliefs that dictate what success should look like. It then takes even more courage and clarity to dare to follow our dreams by wholeheartedly engaging in those things that nourish the soul and not just the ego.

This presentation explores ways in which our notion of “success” can be redefined and how we can hit the “refresh” button to bring ourselves more into alignment with our deeply held values so that we may achieve our highest goals and make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.

Creative Meditation: the Key to Inner Fitness and Health

Speaker: Michael Lindfield

Recent scientific research into the functioning of the brain has shown how the regular practice of meditation can increase our capacity for creative thinking while significantly reducing stress levels within our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Much emphasis is now being placed on the need for healthy living and consequently, many people are choosing to change their diets, enroll in a variety of exercise programs or take a yoga class. There is however another practice that can be added to our daily training regime that will help create the desired optimal conditions of health. This practice is meditation. The age-old science of meditation allows us to tap and utilize a reservoir of inner resources that can enrich our lives on many levels. There is now a real opportunity for each of us through a combination of physical exercise, right living and meditation, to create a successful training program for the whole person that can truly sustain us as we face the daily challenges of living in a fast-paced world.

This presentation introduces and explores some basic principles and proven techniques of creative meditation that can be applied immediately to help achieve measurable results.

Thriving at Work: Skills for staying Sane and Centered while traveling at the Speed of Business

Speaker: Michael Lindfield

Many business professionals are now confronting the painful issue of how best to survive through a “burn-out”. This may have been caused by a personal health crisis, a breakdown of relationships where family, colleagues and friends are not receiving enough attention or simply a feeling of a profound sense of emptiness. For some strange reason, we have been attempting to sprint a marathon at full speed while juggling a variety of family, work, social, and individual needs and pressures in a bid to be successful. It is not surprising that this way of functioning in the world is proving to be a non-sustainable and an unhealthy way of living.

This presentation addresses the challenges of living into today’s complex, high-speed and technology-driven world and explores how we can move from a state of  “survival” to one of “thrival”. It also offers a suite of practical ‘“thrival” tools and ways to engage more positively and authentically in the workplace and at home so that our lives are more balanced and rewarding: both professionally and personally.

Lifestyle Detox

Speaker: Nisha Shah

It’s time to dump the ‘junk’ in your diet and lifestyle. Learn to get rid of habits that don’t serve you and make room for the good stuff in life.

The Stress-Less Lifestyle

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Shift your mindset and dump the stress. Experience proven methods to de-stress your lifestyle and minimize the distress in your life.

The 5 Power Habits of Energized Living

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Are you missing some energy? See how Balance, Purpose, Nourish, Movement, and Rejuvenation can get your life revved up.

Simplicity is the New Smart

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Stop struggling with the juggling and avoid multi-tasking your way to exhaustion. Learn how simplicity is the best kept secret for success.

Clean Eating/Clean Living

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Let’s get down & dirty with what your body and lifestyle needs to be free from artificial, toxic, & harmful foods and ways of living.

Eat. Sleep. Win.

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Learn the habits that support optimal performance in today’s busy and overloaded world.

Mindful Eating. Mindful Living

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Experience the beauty of appreciating non-judgmental attention in how you eat and how to engage mindfulness in challenging moments.

Enlighten: Living Your Yoga

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Learn how to maintain the peace, authenticity, balance, holistic perspective, and mindfulness we all love from yoga class in our everyday lives.

Genius Focus: The Mind Health Key

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Transform workplace stress, personal problems and life challenges into effective solutions with the mental patterns of positive communications that also generate optimal psychological health. This skill set applies the key focus utilized by visionaries, innovators and artists to create solutions (not solve problems). Continuous improvements to work and life result.

Obesity, the Enemy Within: the Scenario form the Other Side of the Scale

Speaker: James Weber

The effects of extra weight on you, your job, your family, and what you can do about it. Lessons learned from 30 years in the trenches, helping the obese learn to help themselves. The scope of the problem from a national perspective.

Why You, Too, Should be Doing Yoga: a Simple and Practical Way to Improve

Speaker: James Weber

From OR to OM: a Personal Odyssey

Speaker: James Weber

Everybody loves to hear stories; this is the story of a seemingly incongruous transition from a successful surgical practice to teaching yoga, studying traditional Indian medicine, and offering yoga therapy.

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