Mediator Response Test


$695 (includes three nutrition counseling sessions based on your test results)

Put a stop to food-related pain

A new tool in the battle against hidden sensitivities

Have you ever finished a meal you love only to start feeling ill a little while later? Food sensitivities are more common than many of us believe, and they often go undiagnosed until adulthood.

Using a non-fasting blood test, a Mediator Response Test can quantify your body’s unique inflammatory responses to 140 foods and 30 food-chemicals, helping us pinpoint your unique triggers for hypersensitivity reactions. The test will also reveal a wide variety of your “safe foods” that we will use to construct an individual diet that promotes a reduction of inflammatory mediators.

To help members build a new diet that avoids problem areas, we are combining our MRTs with three nutrition counseling sessions, during which we will build a pattern of eating that improves your quality of life while maintaining your ability to eat sustainable and satisfying meals.

For more information, contact WAC Dietitian Hannah Dentry at or 206.839.4782.