Mental Fitness

Take charge of your mental health

Mental Fitness

See what a difference six weeks can make! Our Mental Fitness program is designed to create lasting changes in happiness, relationships, and performance in less than two months, and ongoing coaching and support are available for however long you would like.

Based on recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science, this program will help you rewire your brain to increase grey matter in the parts of your brain that control positive emotions, while decreasing it in the region of your brain that controls fear. You’ll feel better, be more forgiving of yourself and others, and start to develop neural pathways that help you find opportunities in every challenge.

The Positive Intelligence (PQ) program details:

  • One-hour weekly video on the app.
  • One-hour weekly “pod” meeting facilitated by coach and WAC member Colleen Ferris
  • 15 minutes per day of self-scheduled practice on the app
  • First eight chapters of the book “Positive Intelligence” by program founder and developer Shirzad Chamine

More information about the program and the app can be found on the Positive Intelligence website. Weekly group meetings will be virtual. Group pods usually consist of three to eight people—either other WAC members or your own self-formed group. Meetings will be facilitated by Certified Positive Intelligence Coach Colleen Ferris (pictured).

Program is specially priced for WAC members and billable to your WAC account. Inquire for specifics. After the initial six weeks, members may extend coaching and app access at their will. One-on-one coaching also available.

For more  information and to sign up, contact Colleen at

—WAC member Colleen Ferris is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach and a Career and Retirement Coach with a focus on the “soft skills” of energy, attitude, and positivity. She works with professionals seeking new full-time work as well as with those transitioning to retirement. Positive Intelligence and PQ Coach are registered trademarks.