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Healthy Aging: How to promote vitality and longevity

Speaker: Paul Dompé

Learn what the happiest and longest-living people on Earth are doing to thrive and why it works. Dr. Dompé will explore key concepts in nutrition, physiology, and psychology that promote health and wellness, and prevent disease.

Creative Meditation: the Key to Inner Fitness and Health

Speaker: Michael Lindfield

Recent scientific research into the functioning of the brain has shown how the regular practice of meditation can increase our capacity for creative thinking while significantly reducing stress levels within our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Much emphasis is now being placed on the need for healthy living and consequently many people are choosing to change their diets, enroll in a variety of exercise programs, or take a yoga class. There is however, another practice that can be added to our daily training regime that will help create the desired optimal conditions of health. This practice is meditation. The age-old science of meditation allows us to tap and utilize a reservoir of inner resources that can enrich our lives on many levels. There is now a real opportunity for each of us through a combination of physical exercise, right living and meditation, to create a successful training program for the whole person that can truly sustain us as we face the daily challenges of living in a fast-paced world.

This presentation introduces and explores some basic principles and proven techniques of creative meditation that can be applied immediately to help achieve measurable results.

Genius Focus: The Mind Health Key

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Transform workplace stress, personal problems and life challenges into effective solutions with the mental patterns of positive communications that also generate optimal psychological health. This skill set applies the key focus utilized by visionaries, innovators and artists to create solutions (not solve problems). Continuous improvements to work and life result.

Dynamic Calm: The Body Health Key

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

De-stress within six seconds for life, today’s essential tool for optimal health and wellness all day. Enjoy greater focus, relaxed readiness, presence of mind and calm emotions all day with these results: freedom from anxiety, lower blood pressure, refreshing sleep and slower aging. Virtually all stress-related symptoms can be prevented via these skills, greatly reducing the need for medications.

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