Nutrient Injections


Cost varies.

Nutrient injections

Administered by WAC Naturopath Dr. Darci Davis

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Lift the fog , $15:
A dose of B12 to help you to increase your energy levels while balancing your mood so that you feel ready to take on life again. This is the perfect shot for when you are feeling tired or down and or are looking for a physical and mental boost.

Even more pure energy, $45:
B12, B complex, zinc, carnitine, and coenzyme Q10 provide a lasting pick me up to fuel your day for whenever you may need that extra oomph!

Radiant skin with a glow, $60:
Vitamin C, glutathione, B-complex, biotin, and zinc provides lasting radiant skin support.

What adrenal fatigue?, $45:
Repair your adrenal glands with MIC, zinc, B5, B6 and vitamin C

Blood sugar stabilizer, $45:
B12, B5, B6, taurine and CoQ10. This combination of nutrients controls blood sugar and increases energy and mood.

Vitality shot, $20:
Coenzyme Q10 supports your mitochondrial function to boost energy, heart function, and improve exercise performance.

Metabolism booster, $60:
MIC, carnitine, B- complex, B12, coenzyme Q10 and B5 helps your body burn fat. Best results seen when injections is combined with diet and exercise..

Detox accelerator, $20:
Glutathione is a major boost in your detoxification pathways. It also aids in exercise recovery.

Be healthy, $45:
A combination of B vitamins, vitamin C and other health boosting nutrients that help prevent illness and increase recovery for when you are feeling under the weather.

Add any additional nutrient to any combo or single nutrient for an extra $15 each.

—Nutritient injections are not covered by insurance and are charged at the time of service.