Superheroes of the Grocery Store: Identify superfoods and understand how they can save your life

Speaker: Eric Chen

Learn which powerhouse food groups contain the most antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals and how they can dramatically reduce the risk of chronic disease. Find out how to incorporate these superfoods to be part of your daily routine to improve health and thrive.

Carbohydrate Confusion: The science behind the various carbs and which are right for you 

Speaker: Eric Chen

With so many different low carb diets restricting everything from gluten to legumes, learn what carbohydrates actually are and how they are metabolized by the body. Let’s clear up the carb confusion and determine which carbs can help you reach your goals.

Belly Biome: Understand your belly bacteria and how they can get you feeling fantastic from the inside-out

Speaker: Eric Chen

Did you know your body contains over a trillion bacteria that are unique to you? Learn how nutrition can create a healthy synergistic relationship with your gut microbiota to maximize nutrient absorption, strengthen the immune system, and minimize digestive problems.

High Octane Fuel: Maximize performance on and off the field through nutrition and healthy supplementation

Speaker: Eric Chen

To become faster, stronger, and sharper with your performance, optimum nutrition is the key. Learn how to fuel your body from the off season to game day to give yourself every advantage over the competition. Learn how to eat and time meals for maximum physical performance, sustained energy, faster recovery, and injury prevention.