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There’s a lot to consider when putting together a top team of personal trainers. You bet we have four-year degrees in exercise science or related fields. We’re also certified by the best in the business (American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine). Most important—our passion, commitment, energy, and great attitude.

Through individualized workouts, tough love, and close attention to your biomechanics, our trainers will help you reach and exceed your goals. All trainers are available by appointment.

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Director of Fitness & Wellness, Maureen Fellez

Meet the Team



 A longtime fitness industry pro with over 20 years of experience, Michelle focuses on injury prevention, correct exercise movement, measurable improvements, and results. She works with clients ages 16–90 and can help you set varied goals and support and motivate you throughout your fitness journey. She enjoys helping people of all fitness levels, creates a fun environment, and hopes clients feel challenged and accomplished after every session.  


 Spinning, water aerobics, bootcamp, TRX, ballet bar, Power Plate, HIIT, stretch Tabata

Roy Coleman Jr., BS

206.622.7900, ext. 3713

As a former basketball, track and collegiate football player, Roy knows what it takes to get to the next level. Having worked as a trainer for the mature adult’s program at Western Washington University, he stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for people of all fitness levels. Roy uses a wide variety of training techniques including plyometrics, Kettlebells, and medicine balls and fun sport-specific training to drive his clients towards their goals and, most importantly, keep them striving towards new goals.


Overall conditioning and sport-specific training using a wide variety of techniques including core training, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, balancing exercises, speed and agility training, and plyometrics

CJ Lockwood, NASM, CPT


A lifelong athlete, CJ played football during college and afterward at the semi-pro level. After ending his football career, he decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry. CJ enjoys working with a wide variety of clients and can easily customize any workout.


Powerlifting, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, HIIT, weight loss, and functional training.

Laura Heydrich, BS, NASM, ACE

206.622.7900, ext. 3705

Laura is a former bikini bodybuilder and helped launch the Women on Weights program at Western Washington University. She has trained clients of all ages and fitness levels and has worked with everyone from post-rehab clients to bodybuilders and marathon runners. Health and fitness is her passion, and she guarantees to make you smile at least twice every workout. Laura incorporates all types of exercise techniques into her routines, making workouts fresh and fun. She believes a strong and healthy body equals a happy and healthy mind.


Weight loss, corrective exercise, functional training, plyometrics, high-intensity interval training, and core stabilization

Darrick Kung, BS, NCSA, NASM

206.622.7900, ext. 3715

Darrick’s coaching and motivation have accommodated a diverse group of individuals. Creating safe and functional programs provides the roadmap and foundation for clients with specific needs or training priorities. As well as competitive athletes, his work has included those suffering from diabetes or postpartum depression, postsurgical patients, and individuals with the goal of losing body fat while increasing lean muscle.


Weight management, athletic conditioning, prehab fitness, sport performance and stress reduction



A Washington native, Conrad Larsen is building his career around his love of strength training. A former strongman and powerlifting coach, Conrad has also competed in multiple statewide events and understands the importance of progressive overload for optimal strength development. He is skilled in program design for clients with a wide range of needs and goals and can develop an individualized science-based plan oriented toward garnering results. Conrad is committed to helping clients gain renewed energy and mobility through strength training.


Powerlifting, strongman, sports-specific training, plyometrics, high-intensity interval training, functional training

Sara Moser, BA, NSCA

206.622.7900, ext. 3719

Participating in a variety of sports throughout her life, Sara has a diverse background in fitness and training. She began building her athletic background at a young age with competitive swimming, basketball, and track and field. Finding a balance between lifestyle, fitness and nutrition is Sara’s goal for herself and her clients.


Functional training, swimming, interval training, weight loss and time-efficient compound workout

Amanda Schneider, NASM, CPT


Amanda grew up as a competitive figure skater and dancer, and a passionate weight trainer. She has worked with a wide variety of clients and believes training strengthens both body and mind. She often introduces her clients to new exercises and techniques.


Strength training, mobility and balance, injury prevention, functional training, interval training

Scott Spraggins, BS

206.622.7900, ext. 3708

Scott brings several years of experience in the most current training techniques. He specializes in innovative conditioning strategies and customized motivational techniques for all ages and fitness levels.


Combining solid strength training principles and a proper mental approach to achieve positive results for any athletic performance. Weight loss, corrective exercise, kettlebell training, TRX training.

Mona Caravetta, Medical Exercise Specialist, ACSM

206.622.7900, ext. 3702

Over her extensive career, Mona has achieved great success working with a diverse clientele that includes adults with chronic disease, teens, advanced athletes and a wide variety of clinical populations in both health club and clinical settings. Community outreach, health and fitness screenings, lectures, and seminars have been vehicles that Mona has used to fulfill her passion for bringing a greater awareness of how exercise, good nutrition and a positive mindset can transform the lives of every person who will love themselves enough to pursue it.


Corrective exercise and spinal stabilization, postrehabilitation exercise, adults with chronic disease, older adults, sport-specific exercise and presurgical programming

—Featured photo by Anita Nowacka