Performance Training

A Study of Triathletes: The Relationship Between Training Variables and Motivation

Speaker: Julie Vieselmeyer

Motivation is the catalyst for great achievements in sport. In an original research study we considered the role of coaching climate and training with others on motivation. This session will focus on Self-Determination as one way to conceptualize motivation and more importantly develop ways to enhance motivation to achieve our goals.

Coaching for Excellence

Speaker: Julie Vieselmeyer

Coaching individuals and teams to excellence is science and an art. Awareness and understanding of your coaching behaviors and coaching climate as well as group dynamics are essential to enhancing motivation, task and social cohesion, and performance. The focus of this session is on understanding characteristics of the individuals/groups you coach and honing your coaching abilities to achieve desired outcomes.

Finding Motivation: Insights for Coaches and Athletes to Bring Out Your Best

Speaker: Julie Vieselmeyer

Coaches strive to be experts on motivation. Motivation has key implications for performance. We know motivation when we see it, but it’s hard to determine why some individuals seem to be have more motivation, while others are lacking or motivations seemingly fluctuate. In this session, several models of motivation will be presented to help coaches better understand the role of personality, situational factors, and perceptions in motivation. Attendees can anticipate developing their own theory of motivation and learning practical tools to enhance athlete motivation and performance.

Mental Skills for Success

Speaker: Julie Vieselmeyer

Building a mental skills toolbox can ensure we have the means to achieve our objectives. While skills like goal-setting, relaxation, concentration, self-talk, imagery, and mental routines are familiar, using them in a strategic way may be a novel concept. This session will focus on specific ways to cultivate these skills, thereby increasing competence, confidence, commitment and the probability of success.

Rituals, Routines, and Racing

Speaker: Julie Vieselmeyer

Mental routines are one tool to help athletes and professionals create goal achievement strategies and perform their best. Mental routines can also help individuals stay in the moment and find greater satisfaction in their sport or other endeavors. Much like Coach helps you achieve your physical best, using sport psychology and mental routines can help you achieve your mental best thereby increasing the likelihood of success. The focus of this session is on understanding the conditions (i.e., environment, physical, cognitive, emotional) in which you perform your best and develop routines to help you perform consistently in a variety of conditions.

Image of Potential

Speaker: Julie Vieselmeyer

Do you have an image of potential? This image is a vision what you can achieve with determination and hard work, which depends on being deliberate, consistent, and staying committed. This session will focus on cultivating your vision and short- and long-term objectives to achieve your image of potential.

Stronger in the Off-Season

Speaker: Julie Vieselmeyer

Having a rest period is key in many domains such as sport, music, professions, and faith. The off-season is intended for rejuvenation, while a strategic approach ensures you maximize the benefits of this time. The focus of this session on the following 4 L’s will increase the probability of success in the upcoming season: Learn, Lift, Live, and Love


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