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Slow Life—The Good Life

Speaker: Cecile Andrews

Slowing down may be one of the most important things you can do for your health and well-being. It’s more than just moving at a slow pace, it’s about having experiences with more depth and enjoyment as well. It’s about eliminating the things that drag you down and drain you. Ultimately, it’s about making conscious choices in your life.

We can learn from the “Slow Life” movement that has begun to spread around the world, starting with the “Slow Food” and “Slow Cities” movement in Italy. In this workshop, we’ll explore what the “slow life” can mean for us.

Living with Joy and Balance

Speaker: Cecile Andrews

More and more, people feel that they are working too much, consuming too much, and rushing too much. There is no time for friends and family, no time for community and creativity, no time for a sense of connectedness with the rest of life.

The simplicity movement is a response to this dilemma. It is about living consciously in order to live more fully, thinking through the effects of our behaviors in terms of the consequences for the well-being of people and the planet. It’s about asking what’s important, what matters. It’s about redefining the “good life.”

Voluntary simplicity, an age-old philosophy explored throughout human history, has once again captured people’s imagination as we struggle to build lives of high fulfillment and low environmental impact.

The concept of simplicity is not, as some might think, a life of “self-deprivation.” It is a turning away from activities that have failed to deliver satisfaction—activities such as shopping and scrambling up the career ladder—in order to embrace activities that bring true joy and meaning—creativity, community, and the celebration of daily life.

Simplicity is “the examined life” in which we explore not only what creates fulfillment in our personal lives, but we ask which public policies create societies of justice and environmental well-being. Simplicity touches all aspects of our lives, including the issues of time, work, vocation, community, spending, consuming, health, social justice, and spirituality.

Simplicity Study Circles

Speaker: Cecile Andrews

Across the country, people are joining simplicity study circles. The study circle is a small, peer-led group dedicated to self-education and social change. It’s a form of social innovation used extensively in Sweden where study circles have been described as, “education by the people, for the people, and of the people.” Sweden has been called a “study circle democracy,” and indeed research has found that people who participate in a study circle are apt to be more involved in the common good, regardless of the topic of the study circle.

Simplicity study circles are designed to help people discuss the idea of simplicity and to make concrete changes in their lives. Simplicity study circles are at once a support group, a discussion group, and a method of behavioral change. They focus on building community, creating support for personal change, and engaging in critical thinking for societal change. Topics addressed include finding more time, creating community, finding your passion, transforming the workplace, reducing your consumerism, creating healthier life styles, linking simplicity to social justice, exploring and defining one’s spirituality.

Simplicity study circles are designed for maximum participation and a minimum of competitiveness within an ethos of acceptance and caring.

Enlightened Leadership: A Personal Restoration Plan

Speaker: Danna Beal

Truly great leaders possess certain traits that inspire and lead employees to their highest potential. Learn how to develop these authentic leadership qualities in yourself and your management team through some highlights of Danna’s “Personal Restoration Plan for Leaders.” The number one issue facing leaders in the US is replacing the old model of fear with one of trust and compassion. Great leaders operate from integrity, trust, humility and inspiration.

How to create the outcome you really want

Speaker: Angelia Brigance

Learn how to ask the questions of yourself and others that get you the outcome you want. See possibilities from multiple perspectives and be prepared for the unexpected. Get ready to change the way you think and create the success you always wanted.


Speaker: Posy Gering

This session decodes some of the top reasons people procrastinate and provides new tools for getting things done.

How to fall in love with your job again.

Speaker: Posy Gering

How would you rate your enthusiasm about your job? If it is slightly tarnished, recharge with a powerful process that brings meaning and team connection to life.

Life, Leadership, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Speaker: Posy Gering

The biggest challenge to achieving our goals are the irreconcilable conflicts we inevitably face, such as choosing between an important family event and an important work commitment or get ahead, but don’t be pushy This talk provides new tools to carve your way through the jungle of rules, beliefs, and bitter choices to better decision making and happiness.

Mindfulness, a minute at a time.

Speaker: Posy Gering

Everyone is talking about mindfulness at work, but you don’t have hours a day to add something else to your schedule. This talk introduces some easy and accessible techniques that you can do in a minute or less that will make your leadership – and life – better.

Stick with it! The surprising secrets of sustainable changes.

Speaker: Posy Gering

If you are determined to “have this time really work,” find out these secrets that guarantee lasting success. Hint: it’s not about being perfect. Instead, you’ll learn about the power impacts of micro-structures.

5 Secrets of Leading Through Tough Times.

Speaker: Posy Gering

When times are tough, scarcity dominates thinking and increases your reactions to the stress. Unlock the secrets proven to help you navigate through hard times more effectively by increasing possibility, clarity, and ability to act.

Creative Meditation: the Key to Inner Fitness and Health

Speaker: Michael Lindfield

Recent scientific research into the functioning of the brain has shown how the regular practice of meditation can increase our capacity for creative thinking while significantly reducing stress levels within our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Much emphasis is now being placed on the need for healthy living and consequently, many people are choosing to change their diets, enroll in a variety of exercise programs or take a yoga class. There is however, another practice that can be added to our daily training regime that will help create the desired optimal conditions of health. This practice is meditation. The age-old science of meditation allows us to tap and utilize a reservoir of inner resources that can enrich our lives on many levels. There is now a real opportunity for each of us through a combination of physical exercise, right living and meditation, to create a successful training program for the whole person that can truly sustain us as we face the daily challenges of living in a fast-paced world.

This presentation introduces and explores some basic principles and proven techniques of creative meditation that can be applied immediately to help achieve measurable results.

Life Shift: Moving beyond Success to a life of Significance

Speaker: Michael Lindfield

There appears to be a natural evolution in the careers of many highly accomplished individuals that causes them to shift their reference point from success to significance with a realization that as they grow older, it’s more important to feed the soul than the ego and more rewarding to serve others than just oneself.

I sincerely believe that we each wish to know that our lives count for something and that we are contributing to and serving something larger than ourselves. This basic need for meaning and belonging is a powerful driver within the human psyche. It takes courage and clarity to stop and question the many individual and collective beliefs that dictate what success should look like. It then takes even more courage and clarity to dare to follow our dreams by wholeheartedly engaging in those things that nourish the soul and not just the ego.

This presentation explores ways in which our notion of “success” can be redefined and how we can hit the “refresh” button to bring ourselves more into alignment with our deeply held values so that we may achieve our highest goals and make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.

Class Act Essentials

Speaker: Mary Mitchell

A class act is much more than someone who knows which fork to use and other business etiquette mechanics. Going beyond the basics of etiquette, this program illustrates essential leadership attitudes and focuses on how to determine what’s truly appropriate, which might well lie somewhere in between what’s correct and incorrect.

Slipping in Your Stilettos

Speaker: Mary Mitchell

This program illustrates—with humor and humility—the behavioral stumbling blocks women seldom realize they engage in, and how to get past them with grace, confidence, and motivation.

Schmooze or Lose

Speaker: Mary Mitchell

The mindset and mechanics of meetings, greetings and networking. If you are one of the majority of individuals who becomes anxious at the thought of mingling with a roomful of strangers, this program is for you. In addition to the etiquette of introductions, business cards, engaging and disengaging from conversations, you will learn how to sail through embarrassing moments such as forgetting names. Introverts will learn valuable tips on how to survive parties and to make the most of the opportunities they present.

The Game Within the Game: Emotional Intelligence and Performance

Speaker: Mike Margolies

Importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) for success.

Mental Toughness: On Being Vulnerable and Overcoming Shame

Speaker: Mike Margolies

Courage is overcoming vulnerability and getting past shame.

Enlighten: Living Your Yoga

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Learn how to maintain the peace, authenticity, balance, holistic perspective, and mindfulness we all love from yoga class in our everyday lives.

“Happy-Ness” Hour

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Let the good times roll and stay. Experience how to savor, enjoy, and add more fun into your environments and lifestyle. Laughing is not optional!

Goals Gone Wild!

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Watch out world, here you come! Arm yourself with proven strategies for success in getting what you most want out of your life.

Renew, Recharge & Reenergize Your Life

Speaker: Nisha Shah

It’s ‘you’ time and it’s all about prioritizing your well-being and reinvigorating your life with a mini-lifestyle makeover.

The Balanced Leader

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Take back your time and energy and put it where it’s the most valuable. Explore purpose, creativity, passion, and flow for successful leadership.

Presence of Mind: The Key to Mental Clarity, Strong Focus & Creativity

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Streamlined thinking, effective decision-making, sharper memory and enhanced awareness all improve with the ability to focus fully in the present. Gain the prized ability to instantly clear your mind of distracting thoughts, worry & mental distress. Savor more refreshing sleep and remedy insomnia by quieting your mind.

Garage Band to Rock Star

Speaker: Dan Weedin

How to help and coach others to achieve greater success and significance. This presentation is focused on developing an internal mentoring and coaching program.

Unleashed Leadership

Speaker: Dan Weedin

Why and how to create a culture that encourages boldness that will ultimately reap tremendous rewards for you and your organization.

Unleashed Relationships

Speaker: Dan Weedin

How to build meaningful and lasting relationships with clients, employees, co-workers, and family, while balancing business and life.

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