Productivity and Innovation

The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion

Speaker: Danna Beal

Businesses who want to succeed in the future need innovation and strategic thinking combined with cooperation and caring. Clearly defined goals and high levels of success will only be reached through a motivated and engaged workforce. Those that can be balanced with heart and mind will end the internal competitiveness and rivalry that depletes the energy of so many people and organizations.

Surprising Secrets of Effective Meetings. 

Speaker: Posy Gering

We’re all experts at attending mediocre meetings. Learn the surprising practices that can start happening now that will transform a tedious meeting into a great use of everyone’s time.

The Secret Life of Highly Effective Teams. 

Speaker: Posy Gering

Great teams aren’t something you only read about in magazines. They happen when you apply the principles shared in this dynamic speech.

Thriving at Work: Skills for staying Sane and Centered while traveling at the Speed of Business

Speaker: Michael Lindfield

Many business professionals are now confronting the painful issue of how best to survive through a “burn-out”. This may have been caused by a personal health crisis, a breakdown of relationships where family, colleagues and friends are not receiving enough attention or simply a feeling of a profound sense of emptiness. For some strange reason, we have been attempting to sprint a marathon at full speed while juggling a variety of family, work, social, and individual needs and pressures in a bid to be successful. It is not surprising that this way of functioning in the world is proving to be a non-sustainable and an unhealthy way of living.

This presentation addresses the challenges of living into today’s complex, high-speed and technology-driven world and explores how we can move from a state of  “survival” to one of “thrival”. It also offers a suite of practical ‘“thrival” tools and ways to engage more positively and authentically in the workplace and at home so that our lives are more balanced and rewarding: both professionally and personally.

The Fury: Finding the Passion to Succeed

Speaker: Mike Margolies

Understanding motivation.

The Balanced Leader

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Take back your time and energy and put it where it’s the most valuable. Explore purpose, creativity, passion, and flow for successful leadership.

Thriving Solutions Focus: The “Genius” Focus for Innovation & Improving Life

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Artists, innovators & visionaries use a special focus to access their genius. The stressful challenges of constant change now requires creative innovation as a basic ability. Discover the powerful difference between creating solutions & “problem solving”. Transform the challenges and problems into goal-achieving opportunities

Productivity, Sleep Better, and Trim Down

Speaker: James Weber

No prior experience required. Only your attitude needs to be flexible. Thirty million Americans are on to something special. So why not you?

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