Professional Development

The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion

Speaker: Danna Beal

Businesses who want to succeed in the future need innovation and strategic thinking combined with cooperation and caring. Clearly defined goals and high levels of success will only be reached through a motivated and engaged workforce. Those that can be balanced with heart and mind will end the internal competitiveness and rivalry that depletes the energy of so many people and organizations.

Are you leading or managing?

Speaker: Angelia Brigance

Openness, performance, accountability, and leading with integrity are all explored. How to identify and lead based on an individual personality types or your teams level of cohesiveness. Decision making as a leader.

Coaching for Success

Speaker: Angelia Brigance

Leadership and communication skills are reviewed and attention to how to coach staff for success is focused on. Problem resolution and building a repertoire of new behaviors. How to have courageous conversations.

Liberate better ideas.

Speaker: Posy Gering

If you are having a strategic planning retreat, this talk will refresh and enrich the conversation, reveal more information, and unleash your group’s energy with new problem solving skills.

Thriving at Work: Skills for staying Sane and Centered while traveling at the Speed of Business

Speaker: Michael Lindfield

Many business professionals are now confronting the painful issue of how best to survive through a “burn-out”. This may have been caused by a personal health crisis, a breakdown of relationships where family, colleagues and friends are not receiving enough attention or simply a feeling of a profound sense of emptiness. For some strange reason, we have been attempting to sprint a marathon at full speed while juggling a variety of family, work, social, and individual needs and pressures in a bid to be successful. It is not surprising that this way of functioning in the world is proving to be a non-sustainable and an unhealthy way of living.

This presentation addresses the challenges of living into today’s complex, high-speed and technology-driven world and explores how we can move from a state of  “survival” to one of “thrival”. It also offers a suite of practical ‘“thrival” tools and ways to engage more positively and authentically in the workplace and at home so that our lives are more balanced and rewarding: both professionally and personally.

The Athlete Within You: A Mental Approach to Sports and Business

Speaker: Mike Margolies

Mental training skills for sports or business.

Team Building

Speaker: Mike Margolies

This workshop uses games, exercises and competition to build cohesion in teams.

So You Want to be GM of the Year?

Speaker: Mike Margolies

What we learn about team building from the world of sports.

Fine Dining for the Professional

Speaker: Mary Mitchell

The prospect of a formal meal with full flatware and crystal often strikes terror in the heart of even the most accomplished individuals. This program shows you all you need to know so that you can feel confident at formal meals. Only then can you relax and enjoy your dining companions. Includes table manners for a formal, multi-course meal, seating, dress, roles of host and guest, wine etiquette, and conversation skills.

Business Dining is Not About the Food

Speaker: Mary Mitchell

The nuts and bolts of savvy business dining. You can avoid the unspoken business prejudice against people who do not handle themselves skillfully at a business meal. In addition to table manners, this program includes confidence-building information on the roles of guest and host, ordering, tipping, conversation skills, alcohol protocol, and how to recover from gaffes.

Schmooze or Lose

Speaker: Mary Mitchell

The mindset and mechanics of meetings, greetings, and networking. If you are one of the majority of individuals who become anxious at the thought of mingling with a roomful of strangers, this program is for you. In addition to the etiquette of introductions, business cards, engaging and disengaging from conversations, you will learn how to sail through embarrassing moments such as forgetting names. Introverts will learn valuable tips on how to survive parties and to make the most of the opportunities they present.

East v. West

Speaker: Mary Mitchell

Have you ever wondered how different life and work are in Manhattan and other East coast cities? Learn about the cultural differences on both coasts, and the etiquette required to succeed. East coast transplant Mary Mitchell will share her journey with you through anecdotes, cartoons, common sense, and compassion.

The R-O-I of Y-O-U

Speaker: Dan Weedin

Maximize your business brand by enhancing confidence in your employees through creating your own unique value proposition, improving the lives of your clients and customers.

Breaking Free from the Invisible Fence

Speaker: Dan Weedin

How to overcome self-inflicted obstacles to create a life and career that is both rewarding and significant. This can be done for an organization to maximize the talents and skill sets of their employees.


Speaker: Dan Weedin

Create a strategic and intentional game plan for your career and your life and always be seeking and achieving “MORE” for you, your company, and your family. This plan is customizable in order to help employees, resulting in a more effective, efficient, and significant organization.

Garage Band to Rock Star

Speaker: Dan Weedin

How to help and coach others to achieve greater success and significance. This presentation is focused on developing an internal mentoring and coaching program.

Unleashed Leadership

Speaker: Dan Weedin

Why and how to create a culture that encourages boldness that will ultimately reap tremendous rewards for you and your organization.

Unleashed Relationships

Speaker: Dan Weedin

How to build meaningful and lasting relationships with clients, employees, co-workers, and family, while balancing business and life.

Playing for Each Other

Speaker: Dan Weedin

Sports teams that play for the betterment of their teammates rather than strictly for themselves win more often. Those that choose to play selfishly and for personal agendas are often in perpetual turmoil. Shifting a culture to “playing for each other” is difficult in sports, and maybe even more so in business. That’s why you need to have a strategy and message to extend that vision to your team. This program will deliver that to you.

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