Stress Awareness: How stress serves us, how it hurts us, and how to manage it

Speaker: Paul Dompé

Our nervous system has been shaped over tens of thousands of years by an environment very different than the one we are living in today. 99.9 percent of human history has been spent living in close contact with a natural environment. That has changed. Our world has become louder and more crowded. Technology has made it easy for a sustained stream of information to bombard our nervous system. In essence, we are ill-equipped to manage such an over-stimulating world, and the resulting strain is affecting our mind, body, and behavior.

Learning objective: To gain a better understanding about the physiology of stress, and to learn strategies to prevent it’s ill-effects.

Energize, Focus, Innovate Breakout Session

Speaker: Julia Freimund

Julia will lead your group through a series of techniques in just 10–15 minutes that are designed to center the mind, increase focus, and reduce stress. No sweating, lying on the ground or special equipment is needed.

Worksite and Personal Wellness: Relaxed Body, Focused Mind Tactics

Speaker: Julia Freimund

This session features techniques drawn from all five of the Mindful Anti-Stress Tactics classes so that participants can learn quick effective techniques to help thwart the many negative ways chronic stress can harm the body and impact the mind’s ability to live in a state of creative, calm focus.

Mindful Anti-Stress Tactics: Back and Shoulder Tension

Speaker: Julia Freimund

Frequent or chronic back and shoulder tension often encroaches on the ability to concentrate for long periods, to think creatively, and to effectively deal with stress. Participants learn qi gong and yoga movements based on healthy back fundamentals and practice a variety of techniques to release shoulder tension. Stress-reducing breathing and visualization tactics will also be practiced.

Mindful Anti-Stress Tactics: Fatigue

Speaker: Julia Freimund

Thwart episodes of morning sluggishness and afternoon slumps by practicing effective, quick movements, visualizations, and special breathing techniques drawn from yoga, qi gong, and Western stretching techniques.

Mindful Anti-Stress Tactics: GI Problems

Speaker: Julia Freimund

The impact of stress on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract may include heartburn, nausea, constipation and diarrhea. Learn centuries old effective tactics such as acupressure, yoga poses, centering qi gong movements, breathing methods, mindful eating, and meditation to help calm and nurture this vital yet sensitive system.

Mindful Anti-Stress Tactics: Sleep Problems

Speaker: Julia Freimund

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, insufficient sleep is now a public health epidemic in America. Learn calming movements to use at the end of the day or in the middle of the night to help slide into sleep. Participants practice visualization, breathing and meditative techniques to help loosen the overactive mind’s stranglehold on the brain.

Mindful Anti-Stress Tactics: Anxiety

Speaker: Julia Freimund

The body’s sympathetic nervous system turns on the “fight or flight response” when under stress. Learn how to counteract that racing heart, tensed body and stressed mind by triggering the parasympathic nervous system’s “relaxation response” on command. Tactics include stretches, self-massages, visualizations, and other calming techniques to help surf through life’s stress in a more mindful, relaxed way.

Thriving at Work: Skills for staying Sane and Centered while traveling at the Speed of Business

Speaker: Michael Lindfield

Many business professionals are now confronting the painful issue of how best to survive through a “burn-out”. This may have been caused by a personal health crisis, a breakdown of relationships where family, colleagues and friends are not receiving enough attention or simply a feeling of a profound sense of emptiness. For some strange reason, we have been attempting to sprint a marathon at full speed while juggling a variety of family, work, social, and individual needs and pressures in a bid to be successful. It is not surprising that this way of functioning in the world is proving to be a non-sustainable and an unhealthy way of living.

This presentation addresses the challenges of living into today’s complex, high-speed and technology-driven world and explores how we can move from a state of  “survival” to one of “thrival”. It also offers a suite of practical ‘“thrival” tools and ways to engage more positively and authentically in the workplace and at home so that our lives are more balanced and rewarding: both professionally and personally.

The Stress-Less Lifestyle

Speaker: Nisha Shah

Shift your mindset and dump the stress. Experience proven methods to de-stress your lifestyle and minimize the distress in your life.

Dynamic Calm: The Body Health Key

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

De-stress within six seconds for life, today’s essential tool for optimal health and wellness all day. Enjoy greater focus, relaxed readiness, presence of mind and calm emotions all day with these results: freedom from anxiety, lower blood pressure, refreshing sleep and slower aging. Virtually all stress-related symptoms can be prevented via these skills, greatly reducing the need for medications.

Rapid Calm: The De-Stressing Key for Healthy, Focused Performance

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Today’s single most important health skill is the ability to immediately de-stress and feel calm in seconds. Rapidly resetting the sympathetic nervous system to calm is essential. It prevents adrenal gland stress damage and restores healthier function to internal organs. You can enjoy rapid calm while working, driving, walking & talking to multi-task for optimal health. Immediately de-stress and feel healthy calm, enjoy greater emotional calm at work and home, slow aging and reduce/eliminate symptoms of stress. Gain the positive purpose of stress in your life.

Wise Stress: The Decoding Key to Gain Emotion’s Gifts

Speaker: Robert Simon Siegel

Emotions have amazing wisdom and purpose. They help us enjoy life and can guide us to make better choices in all areas of our lives. But too often our stress emotions of anger and fear rule us and diminish our quality of life. Too often we react when other people trigger our stress emotions. Healthy success in today’ s chaotic times requires emotional clarity. Learn the basic structure of all stressful emotions and benefit. Discover how to find hidden motivations that reveal their wisdom. Gain the ability to transform “negative” emotions into positive experiences

The Best Prescription for Stress: a Do-it-Yourself Primer

Speaker: James Weber

A discussion of some of the key studies on stress, with a focus on meditation and yoga as a simple, risk-free antidote. Practical suggestions to relieve stress at home, at work, and before you perform, with consideration given to limitations of time and/or space.