Weight-Loss Coaching


$540; information and appointments: 206.839.4782, healthcoach@wac.net; by appointment; one full business day cancellation required to avoid charge

Initial Metabolic Evaluation and Intensive Follow-Up

Weight-Loss Coaching is an individualized, one-on-one nutritional counseling program that helps you create a strategic fat-loss plan that fits your metabolism and provides the professional support and guidance you need to make the results last. First, thorough testing procedures are implemented to test your body fat percentage and lean-mass status. This testing allows the proper protocols to be implemented for successful and permanent weight loss. After the testing procedures, you will have an initial nutritional evaluation to determine areas of concern in your diet, health and lifestyle. You’ll leave your first consultation with a meal plan, snack ideas, and a grocery list, as well as an action plan to start implementing right away. You’ll then meet weekly to address your areas of weight-loss resistance and learn how to build a healthy diet that allows your body to lose weight permanently. During weekly visits your weight loss will be assessed and your diet will be evaluated. Individualized protocols and behavior-modification plans will be implemented for success. At the end of the program your body fat and measurements will be reassessed to monitor improvements and show success. Package includes:

  • Two body-composition analyses
  • Initial nutritional evaluation
  • Meal plan, snack ideas, grocery list
  • Weekly follow-up consultations (4)
  • Email support