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We’ll Sweep You Away With Our Lovely Celebration Spaces

When seeking a classic, romantic venue for any celebration, each of our rooms offers a little something different: a warm, intimate setting for smaller groups; a lounge friendly for social gatherings; or a grand, formal space that can easily accommodate all of your wishes. We orchestrate everything behind the scenes for your special event to showcase what’s important—you and your guests.

Crystal Room
This European-style ballroom comes to life, illuminated by its crown jewel—three striking Czechoslovakian chandeliers. Towering paned glass windows that stretch the length of the room let in the twinkling lights of downtown. Just the right backdrop for your first dance. The ambient Crystal Room complements almost any décor, whatever the color, so you can let your imagination soar.

And don’t forget about our contemporary boutique Inn!

Inn at the WAC

After the music has died down, you and your guests can retire to one of our 109 Inn guest rooms, right here in the Clubhouse. We have also have suites available for intimate gatherings.

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Special Events & Meetings

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