A devotion to ‘deep Earth’

Artist Morgan Smalley’s ‘Chasm’ on display in Grand Staircase Gallery

Self-expression can come in various forms. For Seattle artist Morgan Smalley, her “Chasm” collection draws inspiration from her identity as well as imagery relating to “deep earth.”

“Painting has been my greatest adventure,” Morgan says. As a full-time abstract visual artist specializing in mountain- and sound-inspired paintings, Morgan utilizes a variety of paint mediums. She has been painting for 30 years and has “always loved exploring and experimenting as a self-taught artist,” she says.

Morgan began painting “Chasm” before it had a name. “One of my collectors showed a photo of a piece he later purchased to his five-year-old son and asked him what he saw, to which his son responded: ‘Deep Earth.’” Fascinated by the idea, Morgan decided to name her collection to honor it, and each piece within the set is named after rocks and minerals, such as kyanite and magnetite.

Morgan’s internal workings and the world around her further influence her work, she says, noting that “Chasm’s” fluid, dynamic motifs serve as a nod to her Native American roots and free-flowing connectedness to nature, while bold starkly contrasting gold accents represent her upbringing and Italian heritage.

“This is the way I discover myself,” she says of her art. “The beautiful conundrum I am proud to be.”

“Chasm” will be on display in the Grand Staircase Gallery beginning in January.

As published in the January/February/March 2022 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted January 6, 2022

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