A handy tip for meal planning

Know your portion sizes like the back of your hand

By Melissa Petrichko, WAC Nutrition & Health Coach

Tracking calories can be time consuming. But being aware of how much you eat—and what you eat—is an important part of weight management and overall health. There are a variety of ways to keep track of how much you are eating without the use of a complicated smart phone app or a handwritten food journal.

Here are two ways you can plan your food intake and better track your eating:

Hand-size portion guide

Use your hand to ensure the right portion size and create well-balanced meals. One of the main benefits of using this form of measurement is that your hands are portable. They are also custom-scaled just for you. Here’s how to calculate one serving using your hand.

  • Protein: Size of your palm.
  • Vegetables: Size of your fist.
  • Carbs: The amount that fits in your cupped hand.
  • Fats: Size of your thumb.

Healthy eating plate guide

This is a great way to measure your meals. Ensure that 50 percent of your plate consists of healthy fruits and vegetables, 25 percent is lean protein, and 25 percent is complex, slow-digesting carbohydrates. Slow carbs include brown rice, wheat tortillas, and beans and lentils, among many other options.

Another great way to improve your eating is to make water your preferred beverage and strive for an active lifestyle. When you start to feel healthier, chances are you’ll start to eat healthier, too.

—WAC Nutrition & Health Coach Melissa Petrichko is available virtually and in-person by weekday appointment. For more information, see wac.net/health-coach. To book an appointment, email wellness@wac.net.

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