Adult indoor triathlon

The inaugural adult indoor triathlon took place on Saturday, April 1. Congratulations to all the participants. Results and photos are below.

Top overall

Men’s 1st: Jeremy Janson
Men’s 2nd: Isaac Tyson
Men’s 3rd (tie): Will Gulliver/James Grant

Women’s 1st: Patricia Totten
Women’s 2nd: Colleen Mazure

Under 30

Men’s: Jeremy Janson
Women’s: Colleen Mazure


Men’s: James Grant
Women’s: N/A


Men’s: Darrick Meneken
Women’s: N/A


Men’s: Mike McQuaid
Women’s: N/A


Men’s: N/A
Women’s: Patricia Totten

Top Team Member

1st: Darrick Meneken
2nd: Austin Kwak

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