Back in action

Power-up with breakfast (or lunch) at the WAC Café

By Anne-Marie Mennen, WAC Café Manager

Do you ever get that feeling of needing something in the morning that’s satisfying, nutritious, and tastes amazing? Well, look no further than the WAC Café. Although many WAC members know me well, few realize that my formal degree is in exercise science. Because of this, and because WAC members care about what they eat and how they feel, I’m always mindful of the health benefits of items on our café menus—particularly when it comes to breakfast.

If you’re like me, you realize that the older we get, the more in tune we become with our bodies. For many of us, that means realizing what we need to fuel our day. You’ve probably heard it a hundred times, but it’s true—breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

At the WAC Café, we’ve long been the go-to breakfast option for members before and after a morning workout, or just on their way to work. Now that the café is reopening, we’re once again cooking up morning meals that will get your day started strong. For me, that usually means good protein and great coffee.

Here are a few of my favorites breakfast protein items you’ll find in the WAC Café:
Fresh fruit protein shake: Fresh strawberries, orange juice, banana, and choice of protein powder.
• Hulk protein shake: The same as our fresh fruit protein shake but with spinach and peanut butter added. (BTW: I once made a Hulk shake for Sue Bird.)
Veggie scramble: Egg, roasted red peppers, red onion, cheese, and tomato.

If you’ve been to the WAC Café you also realize we make delicious breakfast sandwiches. And, yes, we have bacon! (We’ll discuss bacon’s health benefits some other time.) Here are a few of my favorite breakfast sandwiches from the WAC Café:
Bacon, egg, and cheese croissant: Crispy bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese all grilled in our turbo chef oven. This oven makes the croissant perfectly crispy on top. OMG—delish!
English muffin sandwich: Egg, spinach, tomato, and cheddar cheese on a grilled English muffin. This is a great option for those who steer clear of meat. It’s also perfect for when you’re on the go.
Breakfast club sandwich: This one is brand new and includes turkey, bacon, cream cheese, spinach, and roasted red peppers grilled on Macrina Bakery wheat bread.

During the past 11-plus years, I have gotten to know hundreds of WAC members. My team and I truly enjoy serving you each and every morning. We’re thrilled to be back in action, and we hope to see you back on the 8th Floor very soon!

—Anne-Marie “Bumper” Mennen is manager of the WAC Café, located on the 8th Floor of the WAC Clubhouse. Reach her at The café is slated to reopen in late January.


As published in the January/February/March 2022 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted January 7, 2022

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