Back in the ‘spring’ of things

As members return to the Clubhouse, the energy and excitement are growing

Welcome back! That’s probably the first thing you’ll hear the next time you visit the WAC. Now that most areas of the Club are open again, members are returning to their Clubhouse routines, and the building is regaining some of its pre-pandemic energy. Fitness areas are seeing more reservations, and Hagerty’s and Torchy’s are again popular places to meet up—with appropriate social distancing, of course!

“Everything was great,” member Barry Mesher said about his recent return to the WAC, which included a stay at the Inn. “As a result of the WAC’s COVID-19 procedures, I felt safe and secure—from check-in, to my room, to dinner at Hagerty’s.”

New WAC safety protocols include increased cleaning and sanitizing with an emphasis on high-touch areas; hand sanitizing stations; hospital-grade MERV 13 air filters installed in the Clubhouse HVAC system; 100 percent fresh air with no recirculation; and strict adherence to all mandates under the Healthy Washington—Roadmap to Recovery state plan.

“The entire WAC community—members and staff—have embraced making the WAC a safe haven,” WAC President & CEO Chuck Nelson says. “Through investment and action, the Club is providing great comfort to everyone who has returned to the Clubhouse. The WAC is 100 percent committed to taking care of our members.”

Seattle as a whole, and the WAC in particular, is settling into the tail end of our pandemic days. Going out may still feel a little strange, but isn’t it great to know that staying in isn’t your only option! Where better to re-engage with others than at your own private club?

With spring now in full swing, there’s no better time to get back to the Club. Nowadays, a post-workout shower might include a walk upstairs to the Inn at the WAC, where rooms are reserved for just that purpose. When you sit down for weekend brunch at Torchy’s, fellow diners may feel a little farther away, but the food is still excellent. And happy hour at Hagerty’s is still happy, even if it is just on weekdays.

As we continue to navigate this “new normal,” members are finding Clubhouse procedures and practices reassuring.

“I was excited to get back to the Club and step into some routine again,” member Lisa Noji says. “Whether it’s a workout, taking a class, or playing Pickleball, I feel comfortable with the WAC’s safety measures. The Club has really helped bring some normalcy back to our lives.”

As published in the April/May/June 2021 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted April 9, 2021

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