The best part of waking up

Start the day off right with healthy and hearty meals

While experts may debate breakfast’s level of importance in a healthy diet, few will disagree that a well-rounded morning meal is key to an active day.

“Breakfast is a great way to start your metabolism,” WAC Nutritionist Eric Chen says. “Your digestive tract is a huge set of muscles, and by eating early, it helps get the metabolism going.”

For those who favor morning workouts, timing is especially important. A pre-workout breakfast should be small and include easy-to-digest carbohydrates with a small amount of protein and fats, Eric says. A post-workout breakfast should contain plenty of protein and carbs for quick refueling.

Luckily, the WAC’s breakfasts include abundant choices for your morning’s repast.

“The Northwest provides a bounty of fresh, local produce, farm-fresh eggs, and amazing baked goods,” WAC Executive Chef Eric Floyd says. “Our menu reflects many options, and that’s what we like to provide for the membership.”

Selections range from seasonal fruit platters and a Northwest smoked salmon and bagel plate to heartier fare, such as classic eggs Benedict, house-made biscuits and gravy, and chicken-fried steak. Meat-free options include a seasonal hash filled with locally sourced fresh veggies. Egg-lovers will appreciate the WAC’s build-your-own omelet bar featuring numerous fresh choices for a custom meal.

And while Eric, the nutritionist, advises athletes against indulging in sugary foods for breakfast—they spike your insulin levels—you don’t always have to listen to the experts. After all, the allure of the WAC’s apple cinnamon French toast could be enough to make you postpone your morning workout altogether.

As published in the March/April 2018 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted March 8, 2018

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