Beyond the swimsuit

How boot camp pool gear can make you fitter and faster

By Tamra Sherwood, Aquatics & Junior Programs Manager

If you’re a regular at Helene Madison Pool on the 6th Floor, you’re accustomed to the usual swim gear—goggles, cap, competitive suits, board, buoy, paddles. If you’ve been to aqua boot camp at the WAC, you might also be a regular user of aqua weights, medicine balls, and the diving blocks. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other gear that’s being introduced in aqua boot camp. Because much of this gear requires extra pool space and professional guidance, we’ll teach you how to use it the proper way in class. Join us in aqua boot camp to try it out. As you do, start tracking your improvements. The results are sure to make waves.

Swim snorkels

Many swimmers worry about getting their breath during a workout. Inevitably, their technique suffers. Along comes the swim snorkel. It allows you to swim while keeping your face in the water. This is especially great for going hard during kick sets.



Tempo trainer

When our instructors say to pick up the pace, they mean it. Tempo trainers help you maintain a stroke rhythm and get faster. Slide one into your swim cap and let the beep rate keep you on pace or challenge you to a new personal best.


Drag bags and parachutes

Try that kick again using a snorkel and a drag bag connected to your kickboard. Drag bags and parachutes connect to your waist and fill up with water as you swim. Sound hard? It is! And you’ll feel like a total champ when you complete a set.


Bungee cords

Feel some serious speed during bungee cord breakouts. Attach the bungee cord to your waist and start your swim. With an instructor guiding you, you’ll feel yourself cut through the water like a pro. Or, attach one end of the cord to a wall and swim away as it pulls you back.



—Try some of the Club’s newest water fitness training equipment in aqua boot camp. The class combines swim sets with other water exercises to deliver big results in a low-impact environment.

As published in the May/June 2019 issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted May 8, 2019

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