Bill’s excellent adventure

Bill Cohen retires.

Bill Cohen first visited the WAC in 1985 for lunch with an uncle. Before leaving, Bill recalls, “I literally bumped into the human resources manager. We struck up a conversation, and three weeks later was my first day on the job.”

Bill began as assistant to the manager. He later became director of operations and eventually vice president of operations. Bill retired at the end of April after more than 31 years at the WAC.

“Bill will be missed in every way,” WAC President & CEO Chuck Nelson said. “Not only for his three decades of contributions to the WAC but also because of who he is: A man of integrity, wisdom, and friendship.”

Asked about his favorite memories, Bill talked about members and team members and the variety of work.

“By all means, the people are on top of the list,” he said. “I feel fortunate to come to work every day and work with team members who are passionate about what they do. I feel just as fortunate when interacting with members and member leaders who have the same interest in making the WAC the best it can be.”

As for the variety of work, that comes naturally when you’re responsible for the operation and maintenance of a 300,000-square-foot clubhouse that includes a swimming pool, formal dining areas, five floors of fitness facilities, and three restaurants. “Each day is a new adventure,” Bill says.

The fun will continue as Bill and his wife, Peggy, move from West Seattle to Peoria, Arizona, where they are building a house. Peggy recently retired after 37 years in telecommunications.

“Although we’re sad to be leaving our friends and family in the Northwest, we are excited and looking forward to new adventures,” Bill says.

As published in the May/June issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted May 5, 2017

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