Celebrating our newest Life Members

We were proud to honor one of our largest groups of Life Members at a cocktail reception on May 31 in the Johnson Lobby Lounge. Life Members have contributed to our community by being a part of the WAC for 50 years. As a reward for their continued service to the Club, Life Members are exempted from paying their monthly dues. What an honor to have such a great group of dedicated members, many of whom are pictured above. 

Pictured: Front row: Robert Mucklestone, Corinne Hill, Marcia Dalton, Jacqueline Sekits, Donald Sekits, William Webster, and Pamela Miller; middle row: Thomas Healy, Katia Healy, Mary Haggard, and Helen Abbott; back row: Megan Kruse, President & CEO Chuck Nelson, David Hill, Richard Pierson, Joan Pierson,  John Weinberg, Sarah Weinberg, William Lovell, Lee Oatey, Howard Whittaker, Patricia Beamer, Ed Ray, Boh Dickey, and Robert Miller.

As published in the July/August issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted July 5, 2018

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