Changes to Sixth Avenue

Traffic modifications in front of the WAC

WeeWACs and Inn loading still allowed

Changes to the flow of traffic on Sixth Avenue (6th Ave.) have many WAC members concerned. A new bus-only lane is now in effect 3–7 pm in front of the WAC, and the far left lane no longer allows parking during that same time period.

The biggest impact has been to WeeWACs drop-off and pickup, and Inn at the WAC loading and unloading. Metro busses getting booted from the downtown transit tunnel had to go somewhere—and Sixth Avenue is one of those places. WAC leadership worked diligently with transportation planners during this entire process, and our load zone was preserved. The current signage, however, doesn’t make that clear.

WeeWACs parents, go ahead and do your quick loading and unloading as you have in the past. Inn at the WAC guests, we’ll get you loaded and unloaded smoothly and safely. That said, many will find it easier—and perhaps a little friendlier with other drivers—to use our wonderful garage instead.

Starting later this month, about one bus every 90 seconds will be rolling by the WAC. That’s great news if you take the bus downtown (the Club is now easier than ever to get to).

Whatever mode you choose, please pay careful attention to the changes in front of the Club. Our expectation is that early enforcement will be teaching some violators a hard lesson. And however you get here, please be safe!

—Posted March 15, 2019 (DM)

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