Chihuly at the Club

New works by the artist and member now featured around the Clubhouse

Like salmon, Starbucks, and year-round showers, the artwork of Dale Chihuly is a Seattle classic. Born in Tacoma, Chihuly developed his distinctive style through years of work and instruction around the world and in his home state. Whether you’ve lived here all your life or just a few months, chances are high you’ve seen the bright colors and dynamic twists of a Chihuly around town.

Here at the WAC, we are lucky enough to call Dale a member and to be one of the places where his art is displayed. His studio recently loaned the Club eight glass “Macchia” pieces and three drawings—“Rotolo Drawing,” “Basket Drawing,” and “Ikebana Drawing.” The inclusion of the latter pieces is especially interesting as Dale is primarily known for his work in glass, not paper.

Dale’s drawings began as a means of expressing his vision to his glassblowing team and eventually evolved into their own body of work that references the development of his glass series. He uses acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, graphite, and even fire to create these two-dimensional pieces. The largest of the three drawings on loan, “Rotolo Drawing,” can be viewed in the Johnson Lobby Lounge along with the eight glass “Macchia” sets that represent some of Dale’s most recognizable work.

“Basket Drawing” and “Ikebana Drawing” are a little more elusive. Located in the Presidents Suite on the 12th Floor, these green-hued works punctuate the Inn’s most notable suite. WAC members may inquire with the Inn front desk about viewing the drawings.

The WAC is honored to serve as steward of these art pieces and proud to include Dale Chihuly among our membership.

As published in the May/June 2019 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted April 30, 2019


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