Cocktail Corner: The Beautiful

A ‘beautiful’ cocktail

By Rose Andres, WAC Bartender

The leaves are changing, the temperatureís dropping, and nothing says fall like The Beautiful cocktail, a simple concoction defined by good-quality cognac brightened by the sweet citrus of Grand Marnier. This clean, spirit-forward classic is an after-dinner drink worthy of sipping by the fire. Much like the classic B&B (Brandy & Benedictine), it is usually served neat in a brandy snifter, although some prefer it heated or with a single ice cube. Poured straight from the bottle, no special tools or dilution necessary, this drink is “beautiful” in its simplicity.

Because it is served straight up, quality ingredients are a must. Some of the most common cognacs are Hennessy, Courvoisier, and Rémy Martin. Their age is determined by the letters at the end of the brand, ranging from the relatively young V.S. to the middle-aged V.S.O.P. to the very old X.O. And while Grand Marnier orange liqueur is the ultimate complement to your favorite cognac, triple sec may be used in a pinch. So sample a few brands, pick your favorite, and savor this exemplary sipper to stave off the autumn chill. Cheers!

The Beautiful

  • 1 oz. Grand Marnier
  • 1 oz. Courvoisier cognac

Light a fire. Pour ingredients into a brandy snifter. Enjoy.

As published in the September/October issue of WAC Magazine.

—Posted September 10, 2018

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